Stalking on a whole other level

If social media didnt aid enough in everyone’s stalking ability, facebook just created a feature that will guarantee your ability to do so. From the many features like adding your location or the mere fact of posting your everyday life to life business, social media sites have given people the power to know where exactly you are at every minute. Its really kind of creepy to think about and it just goes to show our obsession with being connected to each other. Facebook just launched a new feature called Nearby Friends which basically checks your location at every minute to inform your friends of exactly where you are. As we know this can create many, many problems. You know how sometimes your supposed to meet someone but your running a little late so you fib a little bit that your on your way, yet your still in a towel from the shower. Yeah that wont work anymore due to this feature. Your friends will know your exact location. So scary. And with the way relationships go in today’s society, I guarantee you this will be the destruction of most relationships. Social media continues to put pressure on the relationships that we have been struggling to maintain. There reasoning behind adding this feature is not entirely bad, they want to make it easier for people to meet up and have conversations instead of having conversations through their mobile devices. This has definitely been a problem. The norm has evolved into a world of texting and emailing that it now feels uncomfortable and awkward for people to have conversations in real life. That is just so horrible and I see the point that Facebook makes by adding this feature. But with everything that is new there is always the negative aspects that come into creating a feature like this, for instance, stalking. What will Facebook come up with next to keep us on our toes?


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