Technology paves way for modern card games

One may think of card games as ancient news in today’s society. We are always so consumed with our smartphones that the thought of physically picking up cards and socializing with people is out of the question. BUT, there may be hope for card games with the help of smartphones incorporating them into a fun, promising game. It is called Game of Phones and its basically a card game that requires you to race your friends to find the weirdest things on the Internet. It is basically a deck of cards with different smartphone prompts written on the card faces. The game starts with one person drawing an instructional card. Each card has a command on it, for example, one can read “Show your yuppiest app” or “Next person to get an Instagram like wins this card.” Each player than tries to be the fastest person to act on the command. Whoever drew the card is the decision maker for who wins the round and that player is than given the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins! The game itself is simple enough to be played by all ages and it aims to gets you and your group of friends to not only interact in person but to giggle as well. Some food for thought when your with your friends and your bored!



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