The Annoyances of Sakai

Currently, I’m taking Intermediate Italian 132 and it always takes up the majority of my time. Every time I check my email, I get another notification from Sakai saying that another assignment has been added. I am over the workbook pages, the compositions, and lab recordings that are added on friday night and due on Monday at 9:00AM. Why is that even allowed? There should be a feature that instructors cannot add homework past a certain time on Friday night unless it is due at least four days later. I miss the days where if a teacher did not assign homework in class, you were not required to do any. Now it’s open season to assign as much homework that is humanly possible.

My biggest issue with this problem is that there is literally no time for rest. There’s always another assignment that gets posted the moment you finish one. I am not saying that instructors do not have the right to give the proper work load. However, I would like some common courtesy when it comes to being assigned homework. I would like some notice so I can prepare adequately, especially when these instructors require/demand not to be bothered when it comes to asking when our work will actually be graded. I’m supposed to hand in something on time regardless if you give me enough notice, but then I cannot bother you about the timeline of when I will receive my grade? That’s just ridiculous and something needs to change.

For now, the Sakai struggle continues…



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