The Break-Up Via Facebook

We all know how it goes. After a couple of weeks of cutestatuses, tagged pictures, and the Facebook official relationship announcement, it all turns to crap. The once happy couple breaks up and soon the pictures that documented their relationship can no longer be found. In fact, chances are, they are no longer even friends. And if you are friends more with one than the other, you may also be blocked. It depends on how bad the break-up was. This begs the question: why do  people feel that Facebook either solidifies or dissolves a relationship?

When someone declares that they are in a relationship, they are often met with the question, “Is it Facebook official?” And if it isn’t, then you are in big trouble. You can’t say you are single when you are tagged in a relationship status. In actuality, Facebook (hopefully) should not be the deciding factor of your relationship. That status is the relationship between the two people and no one else. Sure, it’s fun to document your relationship, but I think there is way too much emphasis on whether or not people post who they are dating. And more often than not, once the relationship status is announced, it’s like the “kiss of death.”

In addition, once you delete the pictures and you ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, it literally changes nothing. It doesn’t change how you break up or how you feel about it afterwards. It just changes the fact that you won’t see their face on your newsfeed anymore. So my message is, focus on the actual relationship, evaluate your feelings, and do not place any worry over Facebook. In the end your account is not you.



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