The Vice President Joins Instagram

Our beloved Vice President, Mr. Joe Biden has officially created an instagram account and begun posting pictures of… his life as a vice president, I guess?

Pictured: Mr. Biden’s First Instagram Picture

It is not entirely clear why the Vice President has chosen now to join instagram (there are many theories suggesting how it may be some variety of a publicity stunt), however it is fairly universally regarded as fairly amusing. I personally think that the worst thing that could occur as a result of this is possibly some degree of criticism suggesting that Mr. Biden is devaluing the office of the Vice President by taking what many would consider frivolous photographs in an important national environment, however I don’t view this as too much of a problem. One of the main selling points of the Obama administration has always been a degree of relatability, and this seems to be another step in that direction. It is interesting that, in this age of social media, being relatable is what wins elections, and this recent installment seems to relate to that. While we ponder this however, enjoy the PotUS and Veep taking a selfie:

Pictured: Two of the Most Powerful Men in the World

By shackler2013

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