Virtual bugs

Anytime I hear the word “bugs” I cringe. I hate them and everything that they entail so its only right to assume that “virtual bugs” would bring the same reaction. Right now there is a certain type of bug named Heartbleed that is not only affecting various websites but also the gadgets we use to connect to the Internet. This ultimately means that for two years now someone could have been tapping your phone calls or voicemails, all your emails, and basically anything that requires internet through your iphone or computers. That is extremely unsettling and scary. We so commonly hear now a days how little privacy we actually have and its really becoming a problem. This bug is actually starting to be known for being the worst “bug” we’ve experienced in the last 12 years and that is coming from a senior infrastructure engineer. This article did a break down for the public to understand the horrifying extent to which this bug has effected. In terms of work phones “at least four types of Cisco IP phones were affected.” Therefore if there is no firewall protecting your work phone, this leaves the potential for someone to hack your phone memory bank which also includes having snippets of your conversations and voicemail passwords. Sometimes at work people have confidential conversations and its scary to think that this information could wind up in the hands of the wrong person. In terms of company’s video conferences, companies that use Cisco’s WebEx have been affected which means there’s worry that people have been able to grab not only snapshots but also audio snippets from virtual conference calls. In today’s society it is much more common to have video conferences for even very important matters and that leaves a high risk of hackers obtaining that information. In terms of the usage of smartphones and the “bug”, any employees who have accessed work files from their iphone or andriod have been impacted by Heartbleed to. A hacker could even see what apps you were using and what information you accessed. There is so many positives when it comes to technology, yet so many negatives as well. We really need to be more careful and realize that our privacy is seriously wearing thin.


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