What I’ve Learned in This Class

At the beginning of the semester, I had no clue how to blog, edit video, or edit audio. I didn’t even think I was capable. And I thought I already knew what I needed to know about technology.

But after reading the assigned texts, my view of the world began to change. For me, technology always held an negative connotation. I always believed that the old simple ways were the best ways. But then, when we talked about sites such as Creative Commons and Free Higher Education, technology took on a different connotation. When I think of technology now, I think of the potential to share ideas and how society itself may prosper from those ideas. I also like to see how Marshall McLuhan’s theory that “the medium is the message”can be employed on so many different platforms. And it’s amazing to me that I can add that I have a Basic understanding of iMovie, Audacity, WordPress and GarageBand to my resume.

This class, hands down, has been the most relevant/best class I have ever taken at Rutgers. The learning wasn’t forced; it was encouraged, and I think a lot of college courses lack that aspect. I felt like what I was learning was actually going to play a large role in my future. I’m really glad I did not let the three hour time period discourage me from registering.



One comment on “What I’ve Learned in This Class

  1. I’m also glad I decided to take this class. The best part IMO is Professor letting us have the freedom to choose anything we wanted for our topics. I tend to be more creative and enjoy projects where I actually have an interest in the subject.

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