Worst Tweets of All Time

Twitter has hands down become one of my favorite social media sites. But some people like to think of it as more of an online diary and that has definitely created some media attention. Twitter which is used by about 645,750,000 users generates 58 million tweets per day! This is why Twitter has even become a news site, for you can guarantee that when something big happens someone is tweeting about it. This is causing many problems and people are being naive to the fact that what they tweet can be seen by millions of people. Recently US Airways found itself in a bit of a pickle when a extremely racy photo was released via twitter. Within seconds people are able to see your twitter posts, and unfortunately for US Airways this tweet was left online for an hour! Go figure, everyone saw it and has been talking about it. That’s the thing, we forget that once something is written down or posted to a site, it doesnt go away! The incident that happened with US Airways has been voted the worst tweet of all time. Here’s a list of some more people who simply forgot the impact their tweet would ultimately make.

1. Newscaster Joyce Evans who made a joke about six people being shot. Image

Yes, everyone knows about Breaking Bad and what a phenomenal show it is but to jokingly compare it to a real-life situation in which people were shot is just plain rude! Tisk Tisk Jocye Evans

2. Klout’s response to a Martin Luther King tweet


Klout basically tracks your influence via social media and is well known for its uselessness and stupidity. Klout “responded sincerely to a mocking tweet.” Because yes, obviously on the day that this man is celebrated for, his Klout score would have definitely risen. They ended up deleting the tweet and apologizing.

3. Geraldo Rivera’s drunken, shirtless selfie


This is the day and age of selfies but there are just some that really dont need to be posted. This is definitely one of them! He thankfully deleted the tweet the next morning but as Ive already mentioned within seconds tweets spread like wildfire!

4. Justine Sacco’s AIDS “joke”


Just completely rude and unnecessary. And some people really think that there jokes are alot funnier than they actually are. This tweet was actually written as she sat on the plane and spread so quickly she was even trending with the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet without any knowledge. Upon her arrival in Africa, she was jobless and universally hated. This is why you think before you tweet people!


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