1999-2000 Rutgers Map

http://i.imgur.com/egWz72A.jpg [MAP]

http://i.imgur.com/uoKHUwn.jpg [KEY]

This map has been found and posted online such that it can be preserved electronically. It shows the Rutgers Campuses during the 1999-2000 School year. I think it is very interesting to see how things changed, but more meaningful to me is the fact that this will now be forever preserved. Pamphlets can be lost, but these images will forever remember the Rutgers University which 35,000 students passed though as we began the new millennium. I think the fact that we can immortalize such things with technology as simple as a scanner really puts into perspective the roll that technology plays in our lives and in altering the paradigm in which we view memories and the past in general.

By shackler2013

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