A bit of my past

This is a 100% true story so when I was young something crazy happened when my family moved from the East Coast to the west. The economy had gone bad in the east and we decided that there would be better opportunities for my parents if we moved west. Walk when we first got to about to Greenvalley everything seemed great, we were able to find a very nice place to live, my parents I jobs and heck, even my sister got a job working at a local restaurant. But things weren’t all hunky-dory. No sooner than a fortnight after we’d been there we discovered that things weren’t as they seem. There was a Mafia type organization in the town that was trying to exploitall of the new resident including my parents. I did all I could warn people but no one believe me because I would still too young. Fortunately I ran into an old retired local law-enforcement. I told him about the problem and thankfully he believed me. We couldn’t go to local government because they were in the back pocket of this syndicate. We had to take things into our own hands vigilante style. So the retiresd lawman and i spend the next three days out in the desert together as he trained me and my half-cat half-human bestfriend to be sheriffs. At the end of that weekend we went back into town to face all of those two-timing mice and their spider friend and we…,, and hold on. you know what I might not be remembering this right..
Wait I remember now, None of that happened to me. I think this is the plot if fievel goes west. Definitely, fievel goes west. My bad.


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