Cap 3 (spoilers for cap 2)

After watching the newest Captain America movie, I believe I can accurately predict what is going to happen in his storyline. Because the actor Chris Evans wants to stop acting, and instead start directing, there needs to be a way to keep the character alive. Well, kind of alive. There is a character in the movie whose comic book name is Crossbones. This particular character has only been famous for doing one thing ever. And that is killing Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America. Once he is dead, he gets replaced by the Winter Soldier. His best friend from childhood will not let anyone else take his friends mantle but himself. By introducing this character into their movie cannon, Marvel now has the ability to replace Captain America with Bucky Cap (Bucky Barnes as Captain America). The writer of the Avengers movies is also quite famous for killing off important characters. So that is another factor counting against the Ol’ Star Spangled Hero.


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