Cutting the hair

So as you may have noticed I recently got a haircut, this worries me because I am a little bit frightened that I’ve cut off valuable nerve endings but help me connect with the world. This belief is based upon the fact that in World War II Native Americans who were excellent trackers in their home areas, were enlisted into the military so that the US could use these skills. However, upon receiving the military haircuts each member seem to lose this special skill. When asked older members consistently replied that they lost their abilities because they cut their hair. As a reaction to this, supposedly the government began testing groups of Native Americans with long hair and with short hair. Supposedly an example of this test is as follows: a Native American man is sleeping in the woods and is approached by a man with a knife, in the case with the Native American with long hair he can sense the man has a weapon and gets up and flees the scene. In an alternate version of this scenario the man approaches the Native American but he is on armed, the Native American man should deal to sense his attacker is on armed and stays and pretends he’s asleep and surprises his attacker when he gets close. Supposedly the man with short hair consistently failed these tests and the man with long consistently succeeded.
And then the question is raised, if hair has no ability to conduct electricity why does the static electricity of a balloon raise hairs? Everyone believes that your body is controlled through electrical impulses, but our body doesn’t hold that electricity in. When you put electricity through one end of a wire it comes out the other end because that is the way energy travels. Your body is no different because it has energy flowing through it and has its “end of the wire” in your head, hands, and feet. So all in all I feel a little disconnected with this haircut, although that’s kind of what I wanted.


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