Distraction is Real

We talked a little bit in class about the topic of distraction and I can confidently say that its true. I’ve already checked Facebook and Pinterest and have not even finished this post yet! I feel like all the mediums of technology that are available to us provide us the ability to be distracted. In the first chapter Carr explains how much of struggle it is to read a book now a days and I completely agree for it was kind of hard for me to concentrate and read his book for more than 5 minutes. I also agree that the media “shapes the process of thought”. We are able to process information much more quickly, allowing us to become knowledgeable in a broader number of areas in a quicker amount of time. I think its becoming a real problem in education especially for younger kids because they look to all this technology as a foundation where as we from early generations still see it as tools. I think education systems really need to take into consideration how quickly technology is evolving and how readily available it is to the public. I think curriculum’s need to start incorporating technology into their teaching plans.


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