Energy Flow

If you haven’t read my post titled gravity, I suggest reading it before you read this post.
Continuing from the idea that the sun is creating an immense amount of pressure that is causing negative pressure in other areas which results in the planets. If so much pressure is being pushed down on the planets, it must be squishing something out, like a sponge that is full of water that is being squeezed. Water will begin to come out because it is the lightest object in the materials being compressed. The truth is that the lightest thing on the planet is energy and it is being squished out of the planet. In Hinduism people have chakras which are basically energy gates which you must open so you can feel the flow of energy through your feet up through your head. Another version of this is the Asian Chi, is a life force that supposedly flows through your body in which you use a flexion of your perineum to pull energy in and a flexion of your navel to push energy through the rest of the circuit (your body). Basically what is happening is the earth is been squeeze so hard that is releasing all this energy or Chi or whatever goes to your chakras, and the way we hold on to the energy results in an individual frequency and vibration that your body will put out. I am actually much more of a realist then you think, I look around at the world I live in and interact with it. What I see are tons of people talking about “good vibrations” and how they feel good energy and get vibes from people. Perhaps we’re all crazy and can’t feel what’s going on in our own bodies, but I think what is actually happening is that those who claim to be realists are actually the conservatives who want to conserve their understanding of the world and are afraid of change and the truth.


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