If people ruining TV shows is not the worst thing ever than I dont know what is! Sometimes you are unable to watch the live viewing of your favorite TV show and unable to stay away from social media sites so the entire episode and the craziness that happens is ruined! This has actually happened numerous times for me and I continue to tell myself I will stay off Twitter, but it is oh so much easier said than done! Finally something is being done about this problem and no it doesnt involve you having to delete all your friends that are addicts as well. Silencer is a cool feature of Chrome extension that will banish all spoilers! After you installed it, all you have to do is go to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and type in the words that you want to mute from your feed. And if your a TV addict like myself, instead of having to type in literally every word to Mute, Silencer offers Mute Packs, which means you can censor all words related to an entire show at once! You cant beat that! The greatest part is, is that this works for any words you type in so if you have that annoying friend that you cant block but your just are sick of seeing their stupidity on your timeline, just type it in and it’ll mute it all away! Oh the wonders this generation will cease to create!


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