I think I figured out gravity. The common theory on how gravity operates is as follows: large objects like the sun attract smaller objects like the earth, so in turn larger objects like the earth attract smaller objects like the moon. The theory is that larger objects create some sort of gravitational field that attracts objects of a smaller mass. This would be a fine theory, if I saw proof of it in the physics of my world but skyscrapers do not attract cars or even pollen or rocks.

Imagine a box that holds 100 units. What happens when the box is filled with more than 100 units? The pressure will rise and rise until it reaches a breaking point and will snap into one area. The pressure will rise in each of the individual units space until they reach their pressure threshold and all the pressure will be directed into one spot. The box is like the galaxy, the sun is like the object that is admitting more units than can fit in the box, and the breaking point is the earth and the planets. The earth is the negative pressure that is created by an abundance of pressure created by the sun. If the box is already filled with 100 units and the sun is out in and takes up 20 units, -20 units of pressure will need to go somewhere else. The physics that I do see in the world are balance; I constantly see things trying to get to an equilibrium. When you’re sitting in a hot car on a cold day when you open the window the world will try to get to an equilibrium; all of the warmed up molecules in the car will try to equalize so that there’s the same number of warm modules inside and outside the car. The sun is the anomaly that is throwing the galaxy’s balance out of whack. By creating too much pressure it’s created a need for negative pressure areas, which is what the earth and the planets are. So the reason why we stick to the planet and why everything falls downward is because the extreme pressure deviation and imbalance created by the sun.


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