How I Met Your Mother Alternate Finale


It was released recently that the writers of hit show How I Met Your Mother planned to release an alternate ending to the series with the Season 9 box set. This ending would be a recut of the filmed footage, and (they claim) they were torn between the two endings when finalizing work on the finale. I am personally somewhat bothered by this. Regardless of my opinions of the aired finale, I do not think that an artist should sacrifice their story for the sake of appeasing others. This feels very much like a reactionary measure after the tremendous backlash from the fandom upon seeing the finale (ranked as the second most disappointing TV finale, only failing to surpass Dexter in the amount of fandom disappointment), and it feels very much like the writers are sacrificing their artistic statement to save face. This is especially bothersome because the show has always been very much a well-thought out single work and, by virtue of the nature of the show, its ending is incredibly important in defining the nature of that work.

By shackler2013

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