In n out…? Where are you

Pardon the bad pun but I have a beef about beef. Not just beef though, I’m talking about burgers and fries. But beef is a central part of the story. I grew up on the west coast and on the west coast the best place you get a burger and fries is in and out. And by west coast I mean planet Earth. In and out is the best place to get a burger and fries on planet earth. So imagine my dismay when my family moved to New Jersey and there’s no In n out .Sure there is five guys, but five guys pales in comparison to the majesty that is in and out. Double double with animal style fries and a half sprite half lemonade? Are you kidding me? that is the breakfast of champions and preferred meal of sophisticated cool guys everywhere.. If we eat in heaven I’m sure it will be something like that. Unfortunately New Jersey, and five guys, just aren’t heaven.
Also there are no del taco’s. Get it together New Jersey.


2 comments on “In n out…? Where are you

  1. Del taco is absolutely amazing. I spent a lot of time in Texas and they had Del Taco and In n out everywhere. Another great place, but unfortunately is only in texas is whataburger!

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