There is a series of video games that are popular franchises turned into Lego characters. These games are amazingly detailed, and do a fine job of keeping with the source material. However the gameplay of the games is where it all goes wrong. The levels consist of a standard smash everything on the level to proceeded type of gameplay. The levels would be considered puzzle levels, however because solving the puzzles are all done the same way every time, the game falls short of greatness. I know this from experience playing Lego Star Wars 1&2, Indiana Jones, Batman 1&2, Harry Potter 1&2, and Marvel Superheroes. In all eight of these games the levels have a repetitiveness to them that is not stimulating enough for older audiences. However the content involved is all aimed at older audiences. For example, the average player wouldn’t realize that the Spectacular Spider-man character in the marvel game is actually Doctor Octopus turned into Peter Parker. The content included in the games is WAY more advanced than the rest of the gameplay.


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