Non-Binary Gender Petition

The website enables the creation of various petitions which (if they meet the requisite number of signatures) must be formally addressed by the White House. In the past, this is has been used to voice public opinion regarding SOPA, Edward Snowden, foreign policy, etc. These petitions do not require any sort of specific action from the government beyond an official response (one popular petition requested that the US Government build a Death Star), however they are an important part in voicing public opinion on certain meaningful issues.

This past month, a petition to have the US Government allow for non-binary gender identification on legal documentation such as passports and driver’s licenses (as is possible in New Zealand, Australia, UK etc) reached its requisite number of signatures to warrant recognition. The petition officially ends tomorrow, meaning there has been no official response from the government yet, however it is meaningful in and of itself that the movement has been able to garner such support, much of it through electronic networking, showing the power that a motivated group now has thanks to the Internet.

By shackler2013

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