Shortcuts for the Win!

As if we aren’t already trying to simplify everything down to the tiniest bit, Yahoo now believe that your missing 14 texting shortcuts! People already have lost the ability to type like a normal human being, so yeah why not provide more people with ways to deteriorate their spelling and speaking ability. Because we are so used to texting instead of speaking these shortcut features allow you to type in your “normal” texting way but the message will type in correct format. Its sad to say this is just going to aid in our laziness to do anything for ourselves but it is pretty cool so I’ll explain how its done. With the thousands of lovely features the Iphone offers us, if you simply go to your settings, to general, to keyboard you can add new shortcuts. Heres a couple of examples that you can add

btw– by the way

idk– i dont know

imo- in my opinion

np- no problem

onm- on my way

obvi- obviously

rl- running late

phone die- my phones about to die

Now these may add some time in your day but it continues to aid in our laziness. I guess you can call this a double edged sword.


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