Everyday I long board from where I park all the way down to class. I’m not going to say it’s always the best part of the day, but I will say that 90% of the time that’s probably true. You see there’s a big hill in between my parking and class and when you go down the hill you go fast; and for those who aren’t aware going down hills fast is really really fun. However it’s also a little bit scary. But scary in a good way, like roller coaster scary not Unrefrigerated seafood scary.

I cruise down, weaving side to side, narrowly avoiding people who step off the sidewalk without looking. Usually these people are wearing headphones and looking straight down, I can only assume they’re listening to terrible music. But other than that everything about my time on that hill every day is perfect, that hill’s basically my girlfriend (if it really was a girl her name would be Juanita. Seems like a Juanita).

Juanita the hill, my longboard, and myself basically have a perfect relationship. Except everyday when I have to go back to my car and the super fun downhill cruise turns into a miserable uphill slog. My legs start burning and everything that makes Juanita so fun in the mornings makes her a stone cold ball buster in the afternoon. I get pissed at the hill, swearing I’ll pay for the stupid meters tomorrow and avoid this whole quagmire.
But then I get to school the next day. And I can’t wait to go see Waunita again.


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