So sleepy

Exhausted, delirious, deadline, anxiety. Come on focus.
The mind of the spent college student as they are struggling to push out work before the deadline is filled with one question. Keep working or go to sleep?
The responsible mind says work, you must finish, this is your life we’re talking about. But sometimes the decision is taken out of your hands and you wake up with your face on the keyboard, no work done, and a shift at work that you need to rush to get to. I am sometimes a destructive perfectionist. I want everything to have a certain level of quality and if I can’t reach it I have a problem compromising. Which is why I am a terrible planner in situations like blogging. I can’t ever get my blogs right and have deleted more half way finished blog posts than I have posted. But once the deadline is looming, I can lower the quality. What becomes the priority is efficiency in finishing the work and not the quality.
I continue posting after the deadline because I fell asleep at my laptop writing a paper I procrastinated on and had to finish it after work yesterday. Pushing back my planned time for blogging. But whatever I guess. Sometimes when your body needs sleep, it takes control and pushes your conscious mind out of the driver seat.


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