Things work though

So no one took my shift, the $20 offer wasn’t tantalizing enough to anybody to actually accept. I drove to work angry and frustrated feeling the stress inside of me turn and twist until the hot bubbling corruption began to boil and eventually burst out of me. I was talking to my brother who works with me on our way to work and kept defending and trying to curb my anger. Eventually I told him though, I don’t need your advice, all I want you to do is shut the fuck up and let me vent. And he did and after that it seemed like he understood I wasn’t upset with him, just frustrated and stressed.
So I walk into work steaming angry. I find what tables will be mine for the evening when I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear my friend say “wrong shoes man”. I look down and see my dirty vans still on my feet. I mean my shoes were in my car and I just had to run out and get them. So before you let the fear sink into you too deeply know it was an easily solve problem.
I come back in and Megan is talking to a manager because the server who was going to take her section was supposed to come in at 4:00 (the current time) and Megan needed to go. But the server who was supposed to relieve Megan gave her shift to a Shari who was already at work and was picking up the dinner as a double. Although the server who was going to relieve Shari’s tables hadn’t come in yet so Megan was stuck and pissed because of the changing circumstances. Somehow this balanced out with moving servers around to different section so that they had an extra server on (I don’t really get what happened either honestly,) and they asked me if I wanted to go home. Perfect. “How did that happen?” is not important question. I don’t need to question the good.


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