virtual soda

I came across this article that is written by a guy who has a really bad soda addiction. In the beginning of the year, he promised himself he would never drink another soda ever again. He decided to watch his health and put down the diet coke and start drinking more water when he felt thirsty. In the article he talks about the fact that not being able to drink soda got so bad to the point where he was looking up things online, like apps to help him through this. He came across and app “virtual soda drinking” which allows people to, well, virtually drink a soda. The app was invented by a guy who came up with the idea one night when he was too lazy to go out and buy a soda, but really wanted to drink one. The app basically allows you to virtually hold a soda, and drink it, sound effects and all…but I don’t really see the point, I mean you can’t taste it, yet. Who knows maybe in the future we’ll be able to virtually taste things, wouldn’t that be cool? Anyway, I just thought it was funny that we’re seeing people be able to get through an addiction with the help of an app.

Here’s the article if you want to read more, pretty interesting & entertaining:


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