The Unfortunate Superman who never was

Bryan Singer directed X-Men 1, X-Men 2, Superman Returns, and the upcoming X-Men film. I like the first and second X-men movies, and the newest one seems promising. So I was left with the question of “how did a well established person that has made good comic book movies, make the worst Superman film ever?” where there is hardly any action and instead of the film ending with a showdown with super villain, Superman picks up a giant rock and flies it into space. Then it hit me, Bryan Singer is gay. The actor that played cyclops likely wanted a larger role in a new film, and was displeased with the negative portrayal of Cyclops in the first two X-Men films. The reason superman returns sucked is because Bryan Singer was in a romantic relationship with the actor who played cyclops, and Cyclops wanted a better role so Singer overly focused his Superman film on Lois Lane and her husband, cyclops. Singer even gave the real climax to Cyclops who in the end saves Superman after he’s done fighting his rock. In a heroic hydroplane rescue cyclops swoops down and saves sups.
Now this was just some theory I had, and I didn’t really ever expect proof. However, there are reports that in an upcoming documentary about sexual abuse in Hollywood, Brian Singer’s name has been mentioned. When I looked at the article it said Bryan Singer had had several lawsuits filed against him by men for sexual abuse, and one man claims to of been forcibly raped by Singer in 1990. Anyway, the point of this post is not to hate on Bryan Singer. Just because Superman returns sucked doesn’t mean his next film will. So X-Men: days of future past might actually have hope. .



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