So I was at Chili’s and noticed that they have one of these at literally every table

It’s a device where you can order food, get the check, print it and pay. It essentially eliminates the need for a waiter/waitress. They basically just have to bring the food. Of course the waitress still came to the table and “took our order” but we really didn’t need her since we could order everything right from the table. I asked the waitress if it ever gets confusing since not everyone wants/knows how to use a tablet. She said a few times with older customers they come in and accidentally order drinks/food. I guess this is the direction that the restaurant industry is going in. I do think that it could take some time to get used to however.


One comment on “Chili’s

  1. I’m obsessed with chilis and I was there about two months ago and didn’t see this so I guess its new! I am extremely excited to go there to use it next time haha. Does this affect the waiters and waitresses losing their jobs since they don’t really have a use anymore?

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