Deep Ocean Technology

Wouldn’t you like to spend a night in an underwater hotel? 

As beautiful as underwater hotels are, hasn’t humanity already caused enough destruction above sea level? If you want to swim with the fish, shouldn’t you put on scuba snorkeling gear and go swim like a fish, not sit in a bubble of technology?

Technology is being used in new ways – usually when one goes to a hotel, they want to be higher up so they could enjoy the view below – but in underwater hotels, down is the new up. The deeper you go, the more fish you will most likely sea (haha get it?). The technology has already been tested to keep the water out of the rooms – evidence is seen in submarines. But how would they handle trash? How would they handle hurricanes or typhoon possible damage? What will happen if there’s a leak?  If there’s a problem and you’re on the lowest floor, wouldn’t you have to swim up more to get air?





2 comments on “Deep Ocean Technology

  1. This is awesome. Aside from it being a cool idea, it also could be extremely dangerous. I feel like although we are very advanced, there will be a few problems with this.

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