Super Smash Brothers

Technology keeps getting better and better, which allows game systems to keep getting faster, increase graphics and wifi, and add more data to the games themselves. As a gamer, I get excited when a new game comes out of my genre – but sometimes they come out with game repeats, like Super Smash brothers (which has been out for N64, gamecube, wii, and is now coming out for the wii u and Nintendo 3DS),  I genuinely do not know if they are worth buying anymore.


For the new super smash brothers brawl, new characters include, Little Mac (from Donkey Kong) Rosalina and Luna, a male villager from Animal Crossing, Mega Man, Greninja from Pokemon, and a Wii Fit Trainer. They have taken out some of the old characters as well. Since this series has been continuing for over 10 years, does this mean they will literally come out with a new game system every other year, and a new Super Smash Brothers will be made along with it?

When I was younger, I owned nearly every single game system that existed. But now, I am getting older, games and their systems are getting more and more advanced – As much as I love video games, they are getting more and more expensive to buy because new features are constantly being added, and I don’t own them all anymore. And it’s not a big deal – but what is a big deal is that I have to buy an entire new system just to play a new game.

I guess you could say this post is kind of a mini-rant session for me. I just wish they made ONE game system that can play EVERY game.



2 comments on “Super Smash Brothers

  1. I love this game, and all the video games we used to play when we were younger. Sometimes I hate that they remake them and make new ones because I feel like they change the game itself a lot.

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