This past week I went on a trip to Europe with my sister who is a teacher and her students. They are high school students, so only a few years younger than me between the ages of 16-18. Since we were out of the country, many of them didn’t have service unless their parents bought them the international plan from their carriers. Every time we go to the hotel, they would whip out their phones to connect to wi-fi, not so that they can call their parents, but so that they can go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or use iMessage. I was shocked that we were France and Italy and all these kids were worrying about was getting onto wi-fi. Even during the day when we separated for lunch, they would come back talking about how their restaurant had wi-fi and they were so excited. I was really actually able to see how phones have corrupted our generation.


2 comments on “WiFi

  1. The same thing happened to me when I was on my cruise – the moment we were no longer overseas and we stopped in Florida, all of my friends whipped out their phone. It wasn’t for social media though, they’re obsessed with this game called Puzzles and Dragons. I don’t understand why they acquired anxiety without having wifi, even though they had their phones next to them the whole trip

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