It’s That Time Again

I am sure I am not the only person to notice that the Samsung Galaxy s5 has been released. Yes, another piece of technology. It is a game to see who can be at the top between these companies, Apple, Samsung, Google, Android, etc. Every year, they release a new phone with the “most updated technology” and then all of their competitors rush to release their product that just slightly one-ups the last. The competition is as fierce as ever, now the S5 has been released with a similar fingerprint scanner and similar interface compared to the iPhone 5s. Technology is growing every day, and these cell phone companies especially will stop at nothing to become the top-company. This is because cell phones are the one piece of technology that becomes obsolete quicker than anything else. Yes, laptops and televisions go out of date as well, but we do not have the option to upgrade these every 1-2 years like a cell phone. With that kind of opportunity, these companies need to be on their feet thinking of what they can do next, to make the consumer want to purchase their phone over all of the other competitor products. Samsung and Apple have become increasingly close over the last few years, and personally I attribute Apple’s falling popularity to the death of Steve Jobs, and the lack of significant improvements along with the major firmware/technical glitches that they have experienced. Only time will tell, but this race for number one keeps getting closer, and Samsung just took a huge step upward.



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