Have you ever bought that new smartphone and you were so excited to bring it home to play around with it? I always notice when I bring it home it works perfectly for a solid 2 weeks and eventually I find glitches in the software. When I got my iPhone a while ago, I was obsessed with it, now I find so many problems with it and it’s sad when you spend so much money for a phone that isn’t up to par.

Well.. the Galaxy S5 recently came out, and what do you think happened? There are glitches of course. Recently an article was posted about the top 5 problems with the Galaxy S5 and the solutions on how to fix them. The 5 problems:

  • no download booster
  • lag or stutter
  • water damage
  • slow camera
  • camera failed

Hopefully eventually we either come to realize we will never buy a perfect smartphone, or a perfect smartphone finally comes out!


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