Fastest Elevator Ever



Most of us use elevators pretty often, especially if we live on campus. Well, in Hitachi, China, they are planning to build the fastest elevator in the world in the CTC building. This building contains 111 floors, which is understandable why they want to create  fast elevator. The elevator is intended to go 45 mph (thats pretty fast) and it will officially be announced at the fasted elevator in the world, right behind the correct record holder. Currently, the speed record is held by Taipei 101, which has an elevator that can go 37.65 miles per hour, launching passengers from the fifth floor to the 89th in 37 seconds! Hitachi’s planned record-breaking elevators are just 2 out of 95 total elevators. Out of those elevators, 28 are going to be double-decker elevators and a bunch of others will still be high-speed. This construction is planned to be completed by 2016. 


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