I hate to admit it..


I love Apple productions. My phone and Mac are the best, but sometimes I can say that my phone isn’t always the best thing on this earth. I personally don’t like any other products, such as samsung or LG’s because I am so used to having an Apple phone. Well, as we all know, if you have the 4s or 5s, you have the ability to use Siri. Honestly, I never use Siri. Most of the time I accidentally click it and it goes off. Well, I don’t use Siri because half the time it doesn’t work. My friend has a windows phone, and he recently got the update to get Cortana.. the Siri of Windows. I hate to admit it, but Cortana works so much better than Siri. It just does what it is told instead of responding “I don’t quite get what you are saying” Ugh maybe Apple will eventually update Siri’s ability to actually understand.


One comment on “I hate to admit it..

  1. I’m the same way. I’m so used to having an apple product that I usually don’t like other phones. But i agree that apple doesn’t usually have the best apps and software.

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