Planes slightly scare me..


When I was on a plane last week, we had a connect flight in Charlotte, North Carolina. We went from Newark to Charlotte to Paris and it was just so unnecessarily long. On the way back, we went from Rome to North Carolina to Newark which was out of the way. It would usually take about 8 hours to go to Newark but instead it took us 10 to go to North Carolina. But that wasn’t the problem of the flight. There were TV’s on the back of every seat, so we were able to watch movies, shows, listen to music, and track the GPS of the plane. When we first got on the plane on the way back, they told us that we can’t access the GPS because it will shut our TV down. As the flight continued and they kept repeating that, the only thought in my head was that they didn’t want us to see where the plane was going. Of course I was overthinking the whole situation, but after the Malaysia Airlines plane situation, I didn’t know what to think! Yes, I’m crazy I know.


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