Upgrading, or eliminating?

So I went to the Apple store two weeks ago to purchase a new macbook pro, after losing mine in an unfortunate pool accident, when I noticed that the newest model no longer features a cd drive. I know that a lot of things are now available through instant download, and to many this may be easier, because it makes the laptop thinner and lighter, but personally, I feel that is taking away key features, rather than adding them. I don’t want to have to go out and purchase an $80 external drive and carry it around with me. I like watching movies on my computer, and using programs that still have cd-roms, and to me, eliminating the drive is more of an inconvenience than a selling feature.

Today, the competition in technology is as fierce as ever, and I personally believe that this was a bad choice on Apple’s part, because in a world where they need to keep improving, taking away a key component of their computer only downgrades it to me.