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Money Can’t Buy Love

Would you sell your child for $500 million?  Probably not, but maybe, I don’t really know you. Would you sell a project you’ve been developing since infancy and seeing it blossom into one of the most important means of keeping up with the world for $500 million? For twitter founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, the answer was no when Facebook was willing to pay the requested $500 million for their social media web site.

This raises some interesting points. If you take an idea and nourish it, let it grow, and watch it change the world, no amount of money would  cause you to change your views.


My rainy day fund

If you come up with an idea from its inception, you want to be the one to let it grow if it is within your means. People are not as manipulatable as believed, and we are not only interested in money, we have deeper intentions of creating something bigger than wealth. Offering the world a service never before experienced with billions of users is a feeling beyond my scope of understanding, and it is always fascinating to see how people in such positions respond to such opportunities of incomprehensible wealth.

Mid-Semester Funk

This is the time of year that juxtaposes our values and throws them in a blender, only to shake it up in a martini glass of stress. What I am trying to say is that this is the time of the semester where the weather starts to get nice, the work load starts to pile up, and the energy to get things done is surprisingly low. Good news guys, there is a two letter word answer. NO!

We forget about the power of “no” in life, the liberation of the negative, the transcendence of the contradictory, the blah blah blah blah. No, seriously, by saying no to the meaningless things in life and putting value to the more essential components of your day, you will gain a positive energy, and this type of energy snowballs into a ball of disgustingly annoying good karma. Did I make this up myself? No.

You will find a list of all too familiar situations where saying “no” is the panacea to all of our issues.

A lion saying “no” like a baws

We all want to do it, and all that is stopping us is the initiative. Take the leap of faith, be that asshole, and please yourself before you please others. I promise no one will think less of you.

Lego Wheels

Thinking creatively is something we all strive for in this class (and outside of this class I hope,) and part of the job description includes praising the creative thoughts of others. I present an idea so creative, so awesome, so rad, you are going to ask where to buy one.

A 20 year old Romanian mastermind designed a car made solely out of legos, with more than 500,000 pieces, and $22,000 in patron funding to create a pretty sleek ride. The car can hit face melting speeds of 18.2 mph. This speed may not be all that impressive, but what until I tell you this, which I will tell you right now, after this sentence, because it follows this one sequentially. The car runs on compressed air. That is correct, no gasoline, just air.

You want a picture of this pimp-mobile you say?

Wiz Khalifa would be proud

Sure, it may not be the sturdiest ride, and it may not even be safe, but this achievement marks something much greater. Mobility with the use of gasoline. Earth is not an infinite resource, and nor should it be treated as such, but from engineering and creative breakthroughs such as the hot rod, we can go to sleep tonight knowing there is hope that mankind has the tools to fix any problem we are handed.

For further reading:

Feeling Some Type of Way.

Despite my putrid hatred for that meaningless expression, there is a point I am actually trying to make here.

The premise of this blog is to show case the feelings and point of view of inanimate objects. Within the link you will find a video of two crash test dummies that come to life moments before the crash. Sure, it is mostly an artsy fartsy short movie designed to be aesthetically stunning, blah blah blah, but I think the concept has some roots in reality. We are constantly pushing to make artificial intelligence more like us, think like us, feel like us, and implementing that technology in crash test dummies can more help us more thoroughly understand the psychology of an automobile collision.

I mostly liked the article for its title, but the more I dwell on it, the stronger I feel about the topic. Maybe we can eventually understand the sensation of death, sensations associated with current methods of capital punishment, and all other things of that nature. To be fair, we could also use this technology to explore the science of pleasurable sights too. The sky is our proverbial limit here.

Don’t Panic

Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and even Ashton Kutcher are among some of the investors who have recently dropped a cool calm and collected $40 million on a start up company that is developing an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence.

No I am not talking about the movie, I’m talking about the currently small company Vicarious, which has the goal of creating an artificial computer that thinks, sees, and learns like a human being. I am personally fine with robots taking over the Earth, and in fact I embrace that notion because that would ensure that the legacy of humanity has a chance of standing the test of time, but I digress. This is currently in the embryo phase, so to speak, and we are a far way from a dystopian/utopian future of robots making moves, but the way the project is being described is definitely cool. The people behind the idea are saying they want to create a robot that can associate not just objects and shapes, but textures as well, to the point where one can ask for a “chair made of ice” and the robot would be able to fully comprehend the task.

Global warming (or climate change if you are more conservative and don’t care for the term global warming) is happening at alarming rates that we are not fully addressing, and I have even read some scientists claim that we would need to reduce our emissions by 80% just to reduce the damage and that we are 60 years ahead of schedule for the worst case scenario (look this up for yourself, it’d be more valuable than me citing anyone) and I don’t want to be pessimistic, but humanity will not be able to live on Earth forever by the way it has changed over the years (we used to be a planet of molten lava.) Artificial intelligence might be our ticket to eternity so to speak.

But then again, what do I know.

Gentlemen’s Guide To March Reading

As you already know, I’m suave AF. As part of my entitlement of being suave AF comes the obligation of being well read. I say I read more than I actually do because I have an image to maintain. This senseless admission aside, it’s time for me to indulge my fellow classmates with some good literature.

This month doesn’t have as many good reads in the mix as I would like to see, but there is one that caught my eye. Sleep Donation by Karen Russell is one of those neat dystopian stories that the world is in dire need of.

Quick synopsis: Shit goes down, people lose the ability to sleep, those who can sleep are urged by a Slumber Corps. to donate their sleep to the restless, etc. etc.. Maybe I don’t sound enthused, but I am a huge dystopian novel fan and this sounds like just the book people should read in schools. Maybe the other titles in the list entice you, who knows, but I did my civil duty of letting you know there are people still writing books.

International Man of Mystery App

It’s finally here, the app we have all been waiting for. No, not a hypnotizer ray for you to brain wash the entire world so that you can overthrow world governments and achieve that which Pinky and the Brain could not for 4 seasons, world dominance, this is something else. There is an Anti-Social Network App that would help you avoid friends you don’t want to see, or girlfriends/boyfriends when you are cheating (no judgments,) parents, teachers, classmates, etc.. 

Sure it can be used to avoid people, but it might also help people find you, which is probably not as favorable an outcome. Reading a little more about it I see that the app is far from perfect and has more loopholes than a Six Flags amusement park. Aside from the obvious let downs of reality, I think this idea is amazing. I have no one I avoid to be honest, but if I were doing something incredibly sketchy (assume for yourselves) then this app sounds like a life saver.

2014: A Spacetime Odyssey

I have a new show for you to watch. The new show for you to watch is called Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, hosted by America’s second favorite scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson (falling just short of America’s beloved Bill Nye for the top spot,) and has some big names behind it like Seth MacFarlane and Anna Duryan, who was behind the original Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, the show on which this new one is based upon.

Cool picture, I know. But in all seriousness, I watched this show for the first time last night, and its still pretty early, only two episodes have aired, and it is some amazing and thought provoking stuff. Admittedly, very few of the questions asked are answered, but to twist the words of Tyson during last nights broadcast, there is hope that one of the viewers will be able to solve just some of the mysteries of the cosmos. As part of last night’s airing, the progression of evolution was shown, and how humans have taken in some part of this, with the example being the domestication of dogs. It goes much deeper than that though, and it shows the genetic level of our existence and how we are all built by an instruction manual called DNA and how every evolutionary progression happens by a mere twist of fate and accident of DNA transcoding. The moon of Saturn known as Titan was also explored. This moon has an atmosphere, it rains dense gases that flows into rivers and streams, gases we use for natural resources, and it’s mountains are nothing more than frozen ice hills. Our definition of life does not have to be set in the standard definitions of life, where other life forms may take in other elements instead of oxygen and expel something other than CO2.

As students in a creative writing class I think it is important to constantly tune into thought provoking media, whether it be online, text, or just sharing ideas with others. The more we challenge our conventional thought, the more we can progress and develop as people.

Daft Punk and Jay Z!

You know these guys.

That is the famous Daft Punk electro-disco duo.

You know this dude.

That is Jay Z, Sean Carter, and the one who stole Beyonce from the world (as if anyone else really had a shot.)

These two have a few things in common; both have worked with Kanye West, both are in involved in music, and now these two have supposedly collaborated.

That’s right, Jay Z and Daft Punk are working together, and there is even a release of a track called “Computerized” featuring the signature synthesizer hooks of Daft Punk and skillful rhetoric and flow of Jay Z paired together to make a highly funky beat that you could potentially work out to, or wherever you listen to music. You can check out the track for yourself here:

I’m hopeful this could be a mash up album in the near future, which is highly likely knowing Jay Z’s music history; Jay Z paired up with the Roots in 2001, R. Kelly in 2002 and 2004,  Linkin Park in 2004, and of course Kanye West in 2011’s much acclaimed Watch The Throne. A Daft Punk flavor is a universally accepted form of credit, and it would be amazing to see what happens.