virtual soda

I came across this article that is written by a guy who has a really bad soda addiction. In the beginning of the year, he promised himself he would never drink another soda ever again. He decided to watch his health and put down the diet coke and start drinking more water when he felt thirsty. In the article he talks about the fact that not being able to drink soda got so bad to the point where he was looking up things online, like apps to help him through this. He came across and app “virtual soda drinking” which allows people to, well, virtually drink a soda. The app was invented by a guy who came up with the idea one night when he was too lazy to go out and buy a soda, but really wanted to drink one. The app basically allows you to virtually hold a soda, and drink it, sound effects and all…but I don’t really see the point, I mean you can’t taste it, yet. Who knows maybe in the future we’ll be able to virtually taste things, wouldn’t that be cool? Anyway, I just thought it was funny that we’re seeing people be able to get through an addiction with the help of an app.

Here’s the article if you want to read more, pretty interesting & entertaining:


Heaven is for real

I am writing this blog as my own opinion and I know religion can be a touchy subject for some people so you don’t have to read or agree with me! But, this week I watched the movie Heaven is For Real which is about a little boy who basically goes to heaven during a dangerous surgery which he survives. The movie is a book, a real story told by the little boy’s dad. Now, I’m not one to believe bizarre and miracle like stories especially not when they’re told by adults but believe me when I tell you this movie will give you a whole new perspective to life and change the way you see things. The innocence of this little boy and the things he goes through makes you want to believe in miracle and things that you might otherwise doubt. Even if you’re not too much of an open minded person, this is something you want to check out. It’s unbelievable!


Old post I accidentally posted to my own blog!

Being a producer/consumer in the media in today’s world serves as a major source of entertainment to me. As a producer I get to share things on sites such as “Instagram” “Facebook” and “Twitter.” Since my pages on these sites are set to private, the only people who get to see what i post are the ones that i accept as my followers/friends. On these sites I share things in my personal life like my little brother’s first day at basketball or when my best friend turned 19. On “Tumblr” a blog site, I post things that less personal because my followers consist of strangers throughout the world. I post and share (“reblog”) things from people I follow, like my favorite sports teams, clothes that I like, and just pictures that I think are cool. Being a consumer is way more fun to me though, because I get to see what my friends post, and what the rest of the world shares through the media. Being a consumer also means that I get to see what my favorite artists post, and what they are up to. Being a consumer also means that I get to view my favorite shows, movies and listen to music I like. The best part is that I can do all of this through a small device, my iPhone.

The Walking Anti-Google Glass ?

I read a story recently about a lucky man who got to experience and test the google glass before its release date which I believe is this Wednesday? Anyway, while he was walking home in San Francisco with the google glass on, he was attacked by a woman who stole his glass and smashed it to the ground and then sprinted away! The woman is reportedly one of the people who are absolutely against technology such as the google glass, not really sure why. I think it’s such an awesome idea and so futuristic, technology is only getting better, so why would someone want to destroy it?! Apparently San Francisco is the house for people who are anti google glasses, thinking that it takes away from society and the city itself? Weird…

Planes and Phones

I came across an article that was talking about how more and more airlines are allowing the use of cellphones on airplanes during flight through Wifi. If you have been on a flight with Wifi, you probably know how expensive this can be…I remember a recent flight I took to an island in the West Indies that cost me $30 for Wifi just for the time that we would be over US land, and that was only about two hours…so it was pretty expensive given the amount of time I got to use it, still did it because I have a really bad problem with putting my phone down…Anyway, the article is actually talking about how the pilot on the Malaysian flight that has been missing attempted to use his phone right before the flight vanished, freaky right? This only leads me to think about how useful, important and beneficial free Wifi can be on flights…in a situation like this someone could have easily contacted security down on land and told them what was going on. Turns out the flight did not have Wifi but there was a possibility that they could have used their cell phones if the plane was low enough to the ground (10,000 feet approximately). I understand and respect those who like to have their flight time as a quiet peaceful, electronic free time, but when you think of something like this that is way more common than it should be, I think everyone would agree that they would like to have  phone service on their flight.


So my little brother’s class does this thing where every week a new student is the “top banana” which basically means that for a whole week the class revolves around learning about them, etc. So today my little brother was working on a project for his “top banana” and the requirement is for him to make a video collage with pictures, music, videos, etc. of his life…he’s 5 years old. I think the first time I had to do a project involving something like that was towards middle school/high school…never in Kindergarten. I say this time and time again but I am amazed at how much these little kids are learning with technology, he is only 5 and learning how to use iMovie! It was so funny because he picked the song “The man” as his background music and put all these funny pictures of him and the rest of my family and at the end he has a video of him and his friends on a boat and the sound of the boat mixed with the song didn’t sound too good so he wanted to take the audio off the boat video so only “The man” would play…what kind of 5 year old thinks of that? Pretty soon he’ll be better than I am at all this techy stuff…so crazy.

30 seconds fully charged?

The worst thing about having an Iphone is its horrible battery. Sometimes I charge my phone over night, barely use it in the morning and it’s dead by the time noon comes around. It gets annoying always having to charge my phone and worrying that if I go somewhere and need to use my phone, I may not be able to because of how fast the battery drains out. I came across this article which talks about a company in Israel that is working on creating a charger that charges your phone in 30 seconds! That would be really cool & convenient especially for your typical Iphone user. I always thought Apple might be the first to develop something like this…I guess not.

5 year old hackers

I came across this article that talks about a five year old who wanted to play the same games that his dad did on the X-box but wasn’t old enough for them yet. The games weren’t age appropriate and his dad set parental control so he wouldn’t be able to log on. That’s when five year old Kris found a way to hack his father’s system and be able to play the game. I thought that was really interesting that a five year old is able to do that…when I was five I barely knew how to turn on the tv by myself…I write about this a lot because I’m so fascinated about how advanced kids are these days it’s really insane to think about how smart they’ll be when they’re our age…


you can check out the article here:

When celebrities use social media

So I’m assuming most of you, at least the girls, have heard about what happened with James Franco a few days ago. If not, I’ll give you the recap: Basically he met an underage fan (17 almost 18) outside of his broadway show. Like most broadway stars, Franco goes outside after the show and takes pictures with fans, signs autographs, etc. In this specific circumstance however, Franco met an attractive young Scottish girl (who came to the US to see Franco’s play as part of an early birthday gift) who asked to take a picture with him. After the two took the picture, Franco asked the girl to “tag” him on Instagram, and she did just what he asked. Franco then started a conversation with the girl via Instagram and the two exchanged numbers and so they began to text. Franco asked the girl numerous questions, which in my opinion made him sound a bit creepy, like “what hotel are you staying in? Do you have a boyfriend? Should I get a hotel room? etc.” The girl, like any other fan, had her doubts and didn’t believe it was Franco until he took a picture of himself with a piece of paper that had her name written on it, and so she knew it was really him. Instead of meeting up with Franco or even asking to meet somewhere public, the girl decided to leak the picture to the media, causing chaos. Okay, maybe it was a bit creepy of Franco to go to those extremes, and for a fan…but he’s a guy and this kind of stuff is way more “common” for normal people to do, but if someone like James Franco even tries to meet someone, it’s impossible because it’ll turn into a bigger deal than it should be. I understand if the girl was offended, or scared or creeped out by what he was saying but it’s not something you leak to the media. If she didn’t want to meet up she could’ve just said no, or asked to meet somewhere more public. Franco spoke publicly about what had happened and he basically said that it’s hard for him to meet people without it being a big deal because it’ll somehow end up in the news. I thought what happened was funny, and I know plenty of people who would’ve wanted Mr. Franco to get that hotel room instead of blasting him in the media. Poor James Franco, still single and now looks like a creep to most of America…insert_screenshot

You can read more of the story here:

Twitter Like Facebook

Apparently Twitter is adapting to some of Facebook’s ways. I recently read an article on how Twitter is using inspiration from Facebook on its new updates. The problem is that a lot of the Twitter users are not too happy with this because they think that if Twitter starts to adapt to Facebook, it will become Facebook. On Twitter you can now tag people in photos, which is something that was first seen on Facebook. They are also thinking about expending the character limit on Twitter. I personally feel like what people like about Twitter is that it limits the amount of things people can say, which if you have those FB friends that constantly “preach” life lessons, you are thankful for twitter and its 140 characters limit, at least I am.