Distraction is Real

We talked a little bit in class about the topic of distraction and I can confidently say that its true. I’ve already checked Facebook and Pinterest and have not even finished this post yet! I feel like all the mediums of technology that are available to us provide us the ability to be distracted. In the first chapter Carr explains how much of struggle it is to read a book now a days and I completely agree for it was kind of hard for me to concentrate and read his book for more than 5 minutes. I also agree that the media “shapes the process of thought”. We are able to process information much more quickly, allowing us to become knowledgeable in a broader number of areas in a quicker amount of time. I think its becoming a real problem in education especially for younger kids because they look to all this technology as a foundation where as we from early generations still see it as tools. I think education systems really need to take into consideration how quickly technology is evolving and how readily available it is to the public. I think curriculum’s need to start incorporating technology into their teaching plans.



If people ruining TV shows is not the worst thing ever than I dont know what is! Sometimes you are unable to watch the live viewing of your favorite TV show and unable to stay away from social media sites so the entire episode and the craziness that happens is ruined! This has actually happened numerous times for me and I continue to tell myself I will stay off Twitter, but it is oh so much easier said than done! Finally something is being done about this problem and no it doesnt involve you having to delete all your friends that are addicts as well. Silencer is a cool feature of Chrome extension that will banish all spoilers! After you installed it, all you have to do is go to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and type in the words that you want to mute from your feed. And if your a TV addict like myself, instead of having to type in literally every word to Mute, Silencer offers Mute Packs, which means you can censor all words related to an entire show at once! You cant beat that! The greatest part is, is that this works for any words you type in so if you have that annoying friend that you cant block but your just are sick of seeing their stupidity on your timeline, just type it in and it’ll mute it all away! Oh the wonders this generation will cease to create!

Shortcuts for the Win!

As if we aren’t already trying to simplify everything down to the tiniest bit, Yahoo now believe that your missing 14 texting shortcuts! People already have lost the ability to type like a normal human being, so yeah why not provide more people with ways to deteriorate their spelling and speaking ability. Because we are so used to texting instead of speaking these shortcut features allow you to type in your “normal” texting way but the message will type in correct format. Its sad to say this is just going to aid in our laziness to do anything for ourselves but it is pretty cool so I’ll explain how its done. With the thousands of lovely features the Iphone offers us, if you simply go to your settings, to general, to keyboard you can add new shortcuts. Heres a couple of examples that you can add

btw– by the way

idk– i dont know

imo- in my opinion

np- no problem

onm- on my way

obvi- obviously

rl- running late

phone die- my phones about to die

Now these may add some time in your day but it continues to aid in our laziness. I guess you can call this a double edged sword.

Greedy Consumers

As anxious consumers that we are, apparently we cant stop whining about the Iphone6. The Iphone5c and 5s have not even been out a year yet and people are already complaining about when they will see the Iphone6. With Samsung’s recent release of the Galaxy S5, consumers believe Apple should be a little shaken up because of the awesome new features this phone has. But if your a devoted Iphone user youll be happy to hear that the expected release is September. Although this is an EXTREME prediction for Apple keeps most of that information top secret. Why you ask that this is the predicted date? Well if you take a look through Apple’s history we are given some rays of hope. Apple has always historically released its newest Iphones about one year apart and like I mentioned early Iphone5c and 5s were released September 2013. To ensure this method is correct, I researched when the Iphone5 was released and it turns out it was September 2012. The Iphone4 was also released September 2011. So as you see we kind of get this estimation from the mere history of Apple’s products. Although many feel that Apple needs to start to realize that waiting a year might be too long with all the competition out there. I swear we are the greediest generation when it comes to technological inventions and its just going to get worse as we slip more into this digital world.

Worst Tweets of All Time

Twitter has hands down become one of my favorite social media sites. But some people like to think of it as more of an online diary and that has definitely created some media attention. Twitter which is used by about 645,750,000 users generates 58 million tweets per day! This is why Twitter has even become a news site, for you can guarantee that when something big happens someone is tweeting about it. This is causing many problems and people are being naive to the fact that what they tweet can be seen by millions of people. Recently US Airways found itself in a bit of a pickle when a extremely racy photo was released via twitter. Within seconds people are able to see your twitter posts, and unfortunately for US Airways this tweet was left online for an hour! Go figure, everyone saw it and has been talking about it. That’s the thing, we forget that once something is written down or posted to a site, it doesnt go away! The incident that happened with US Airways has been voted the worst tweet of all time. Here’s a list of some more people who simply forgot the impact their tweet would ultimately make.

1. Newscaster Joyce Evans who made a joke about six people being shot. Image

Yes, everyone knows about Breaking Bad and what a phenomenal show it is but to jokingly compare it to a real-life situation in which people were shot is just plain rude! Tisk Tisk Jocye Evans

2. Klout’s response to a Martin Luther King tweet


Klout basically tracks your influence via social media and is well known for its uselessness and stupidity. Klout “responded sincerely to a mocking tweet.” Because yes, obviously on the day that this man is celebrated for, his Klout score would have definitely risen. They ended up deleting the tweet and apologizing.

3. Geraldo Rivera’s drunken, shirtless selfie


This is the day and age of selfies but there are just some that really dont need to be posted. This is definitely one of them! He thankfully deleted the tweet the next morning but as Ive already mentioned within seconds tweets spread like wildfire!

4. Justine Sacco’s AIDS “joke”


Just completely rude and unnecessary. And some people really think that there jokes are alot funnier than they actually are. This tweet was actually written as she sat on the plane and spread so quickly she was even trending with the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet without any knowledge. Upon her arrival in Africa, she was jobless and universally hated. This is why you think before you tweet people!

Nice to meet ya, Im Siri Shazam

If Siri wasnt cool enough, she just got better! Apple has decided to team up with the app Shazam to bring song identification software to its new operating software iOS 8. Shazam, which is an app that listens to whatever song is being played out loud and within 10 ten seconds identifies the name of the song. This is an awesome app that I use a lot and its so useful because sometimes I just want to know the name of a song! It also cancels out the awkwardness of having to ask who sings this song or whats the name of this song with literally the tap of a button. Basically this feature will be like Twitter where it just comes with the update, users wont have to download the app itself. Apple continues to provide its users with cool features and that’s why they continue to rule the market. Where Shazam you just tap the button and it searchs, users will simply just ask Siri what song is playing and she will respond accordingly. Although this feature may seem small, it is paving the way for Siri to get more and more advanced to the point that many researchers believe one day we will talk to our phones and everything will be done through the usage of our voices! Oh how crazy that will be! Im excited for this new feature and a preview of iOS 8 is being launched early this June!

Technology paves way for modern card games

One may think of card games as ancient news in today’s society. We are always so consumed with our smartphones that the thought of physically picking up cards and socializing with people is out of the question. BUT, there may be hope for card games with the help of smartphones incorporating them into a fun, promising game. It is called Game of Phones and its basically a card game that requires you to race your friends to find the weirdest things on the Internet. It is basically a deck of cards with different smartphone prompts written on the card faces. The game starts with one person drawing an instructional card. Each card has a command on it, for example, one can read “Show your yuppiest app” or “Next person to get an Instagram like wins this card.” Each player than tries to be the fastest person to act on the command. Whoever drew the card is the decision maker for who wins the round and that player is than given the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins! The game itself is simple enough to be played by all ages and it aims to gets you and your group of friends to not only interact in person but to giggle as well. Some food for thought when your with your friends and your bored!


Target is not the only target

I am sure most of you are aware of the huge security breach that Target faced in terms of the usage of credit cards. For a while, it definitely turned me off from going to Target because I was so afraid that my information would be stolen. Kristyn Padovano actually had a run in with someone stealing her credit card information and purchasing items. It was  a really stressful and annoying process that she had to deal with and I definitely did not want that happening to me. But I, like most of you, have recently become aware that this is happening at ALOT of different stores not only Target. It goes back to the unwanted power that comes along with being so technologically advanced in today’s society. People take total advantage of these devices and it creates these annoying difficult problems. Michael’s, the largest arts and craft retailer, is just one of many to become victim of this security breach. Apparently this problem had occurred in May of last year without getting too much attention and then come January of this year it happened again. They have estimated that it affected about 2.6 million cards, or about 7% of payment cards used during those times. Although Michael’s stores said in a statement that “there is no evidence that data such as customers names or personal identification numbers were at risk.” Well thank you Michael’s, that still doesnt take away from the fact that they have all the information affecting our financial assets. Michael’s has assured the public that it is working with not only law enforcement but also cyber-security firms to ensure this problem never occurs again!

How technology lends a helping hand

It is unfortunate when people are born or come across an impairment in their lives. I think about it everyday what it would be like if I couldnt see or hear, or if I lost an arm or leg how much life would be different for me. But thanks to the power of technology we are able to create devices that help make life easier for those people living with impairments. Specifically for blind people, a new gadget FingerReader, has been created to help read printed books and even electronic books. This is a very huge invention because before most blind people could only read stuff that was written in braille, which totally limits there choices of things to read. This device was developed by MIT researchers mainly because only “about 7% of books are available in large print, unabridged audio, and Braille.” The device itself is basically a ring that blind people can use to follow a line of text in a book or screen. One of the features, a built-in camera, allows the gadget to detect 12 point font, which can then be read out loud. The device is even smart enough to detect when the reader has strayed away from the line of text and offers help to adjust the hand back to its place and it even knows when the line of a text ends. And although its main purposes are to help the impaired, there are hopes by the researchers that it will help “normal” people do certain things as well. For instance, it can be used to translate text from other languages, or the simple purpose of having a text read out loud. Here is a video that explains more of the great features this device offers!

Some movie suggestions for this weekend

Having a holiday this weekend, Easter, it gives some people time to relax with friends and family. Those of which will be traveling around via train, car, plane etc. And those who do not celebrate get to have a nice weekend to relax. And what better to do with your free time than to stream movies on Netflix! Even those traveling have the power to stream Netflix as well for it can be easily downloaded on any ipod, computer or iphone! With Netflix ruling the cinema department, it is only right to use this system. Yes, they dont always have the most up-to-date movies, but they certainly have a list worth watching! According to Alyssa Bereznak, a yahoo tech employee, there is 5 movies via Netflix she recommends for the upcoming holiday weekend paired with a drink to watch with it! (must be 21 or older to enjoy these drink pairs)

1. Airplane! paired with a smokey old-fashioned. Although this movie might be dated it definitely has its laugh and deadpan acting which makes it still one of the most entertaining things to watch! I have yet to see this movie but I just might take up her recommendation.


2. Snakes on a Plane, paired with the “no-pun intended” snakebite. Whats better than watching a plane full of venomous snakes!? Oh that’s right..NOTHING! This movie has a great cast and offers a bit of humor. Oh and Samuel L. Jackson is in it! Everyone should watch it on the mere fact of that! Newly 21, I was unsure of what a snakebite was and found out it is a “beer mixture that is equal parts hard cider and lager with a dash of black current liqueur.” Uhm, DELICIOUS! Apparently its so good and easy to drink that most bartenders wont serve it so lucky for you, you can stream Netflix and enjoy this drink right from your couch!ImageImage

3. Top Gun, paired with an Angel’s Wing. How could you say no to a heartthrob like Tom Cruise sigh. This action packed film not only has a die-for romantic plot but also a killer soundtrack. Angel’s Wing, which is a mixture of creme de cacao, brandy, and light cream, goes perfectly with this All-American film!


4. Air Force One, paired with a Bloody Mary. A hijacked plane carrying the President of the US?! Cant get anymore drama than that! Handsome Harrison Ford shows his heroic skills in this edge of your seat movie! And what’s better than watching this movie with a spicy, refreshing, Bloody Mary! Once again, NOTHING!


5. The Aviator paired with none other than the Aviation. Leonardo DiCaprio is great in every single role he plays and it is definitely present in this movie! Filled with a great cast Cate Blanchette, Kate Beckinsale, and Alec Baldwin to name a few, and an outstanding plot this movie is definitely one to check out! And do so with this delicious drink Aviation, a cocktail invented in 1910 that consists of gin, lemon juice, and maraschino liqueur. And if you want to get fancy, adding a few dashes of creme de violette will turn the drink a pale blue, sort of like Leonardo’s dreamy eyes!