Heartbleed Bug

Having gotten my debit card hacked around Christmas time, I am now more aware of those kinds of things happening and where I should and should not use my card. I also check my bank statements all the time. According to this article, the Internet is now dealing with something called the “Heartbleed bug” being described as:

 “The worst security hole the Internet has ever seen.”


The article said that not all websites have been compromised, but gave a list of passwords that you should change. These include:

Google, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr, OKCupid, and Wikipedia.

Luckily, most banks seemed to be okay through this “Heartbleed bug”.

Companies such as American Express, Apple, iCloud, iTunes, Citibank, and LinkIn have not yet confirmed or denied if they have been patched. Hopefully they inform customers if they have been so that people do not have any information leaked.

It just goes to show that things are not as secure as people think. I recently posted on a 5-year-old that was able to hack into his dad’s xbox and iPhone without the correct password. If a 5-year-old can do it, who cant?

Having had my debit card information found out, I highly suggest that people keep an eye on all of their website accounts and bank statements to make sure that their information is not ever compromised. It is actually extremely frightening and frustrating when it does happen.


Unreliability in Applications


Never. Again.

Audacity ruined Kristen’s and my life on Tuesday evening. We had just finished our script  for our podcast. We were going to do a radio talk show, “Live with K&K”. Our theme would be “fallen stars”, and we were interviewing celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and Justin Bieber. We created our own questions to ask them, taking clips of their voices from different interviews so that it was like we had them on air for our show.


We decided that we would record the entire thing on Tuesday so that we could send it in and be done with it in advance. After we were finished, we wanted to show our roommates because we thought we had done a pretty good job. As we went to play the podcast, the application froze and exited, and refused to reopen. Therefore, we had to re-download the application and when we opened it, our podcast was no longer there and we had to redo it. I cried.

We realized there was nothing else we could do except record it all over again, because we thankfully still had our scripts. When we were finished, we could not figure out how to send it to Professor Bielecki, so we recorded it using Quicktime Player, put it into iTunes, and also recorded it on our phones, so that incase Audacity wanted to shut down again, we still had our project. (Luckily we were able to send it through our Quicktime Player recording.)

Basically this post is to discuss how unreliable this application was. People think that technology is so advanced and this and that, yet we couldn’t even rely on our project being safe. It was the most stressful thing, but it definitely taught me that you cannot rely on any kind of technology no matter what kind of computer you have or what kind of application you are using. Did anyone else have issues with Audacity? Or choose to use a different application for our podcast project?


Here it is Six Flags lovers. The park’s newest addition, and it’s name,

ZUMANJARO: Drop of Doom


This ride was created ON Kingda Ka! I guess that makes sense, since this ride goes up 415 feet into the air, and drops at a speed of 90 mph. The ride shoots up to the top, pauses for a few short seconds, and then falls back to the ground in 10 seconds.

As you rise and fall along the vertical track, the Kingda Ka steel trains will be thundering around the track at 128 miles per hour at the same time.”

I’m already so terrified of rides (mostly just Kingda Ka), but this may now be the scariest ride in my eyes. It reminds me of the Tower of Terror in Florida, except you’re completely out in the open on Zumanjaro.

However, it’s a sad day, as Rolling Thunder is being removed from the park in order “to make room for the newest addition”. How sad, considering Rolling Thunder was one of the first rides I ever went on.

When it comes to creative additions for this portion of the technological world, I want to know how these kinds of rides are created, and what makes them so safe. I will never go on Kingda Ka because I heard that during a test run a dummies head got knocked off, or something crazy of that sort. What were they able to do afterwards to then make the ride safe?

I absolutely love these parks, and I really do love going on rides. I swear I’m such a child. But nonetheless, I think that they are a great thing to have in our society, encouraging people to get outdoors and spend quality time having fun. However, I’m going to need some reassurance if I plan on going on Zumanjaro or Kingda Ka anytime soon.

Life on Saturn?

I am obsessed with the idea that there could possibly be life on other planets so when I read this article about how NASA recently found that one of Saturn’s moons has water on it, which could possibly mean, LIFE! I’m not sure why I find this so exciting, but I do. The name of this moon is Enceladus.

Some findings include this idea that the base of Enceladus’ ocean is “very much like the base of our own ocean on the Earth”.

When it comes to the reliability of these theories, “No one has actually gone to Enceladus and seen this ocean under the thick ice layer. But scientists have strong evidence that it is there, based on gravity measurements”.

When it comes to searching for life on this moon, a spacecraft with instruments would be our best bet.

This article is so interesting if you’re into this kind of stuff. I love that these different findings about other planets come out, because whenever I talk about life on other planets people think that I’m crazy, but then these articles make me look like I’m not.



5-year-old Hacker

This is for the boys in class, or girls, if you play Xbox!

Recently, CNN told the story of a FIVE YEAR OLD boy who was able to hack is dad’s Xbox account so that he could play. The boy “would go to his dad’s account and type in an incorrect password. That would take him to a password verifications screen, where he would simply tap the space bar repeatedly and then press ‘enter'”.

His dad wasn’t angry, but he says its funny how easily a five-year-old was able to get onto his account.

The child has also figured out ways to hack into his father’s smartphone simply by holding down the “Home” button. It’s funny because I’m the last person that can figure out any type of way to hack onto anything, and yet, a five-year-old was able to!

However, Kristoffer has not only figured out ways to hack into his dad’s multiple accounts. He will, “for his discovery (or, more accurately, for reporting it with his father’s help), Kristoffer will receive four games, $50 and a year’s subscription to Xbox Live from Microsoft.”

Update on Malaysian Flight

I have posted on the missing Malaysian flight once before. This is an update on what researchers have now found in regards to this flight that went missing in early March.

Angus Houston, Air Chief Marshal said that, “We’ve got a visual indication on a screen, and we’ve also got an audible signal. And the audible signal sounds to me just like an emergency locator beacon”. This signal was heard at about 4,500 meters, but it will take a little while to confirm whether or not it actually came from the airplane.

CNN was informed that, “The aircraft skirted Indonesian airspace as it went off the grid and veered off course”, which basically means that the plane was directed in a different way than it was supposed to. The two main questions that investigators are asking are “But why would someone steer the plane that way, and where is it now?”

It is still very confusing to me. For a while I heard many different theories unsure of which ones were true and which just seemed ridiculous, but since they really haven’t found much, it’s hard to say which seem true and which don’t.

I know that the flight has already been said to have crashed into the water, but I think that they should find much more evidence than has been found before ruling out any other options.

I hope that our technology can do what it was created to do and help authorities make a definite decision, because family members of these people on board have a right to know what exactly happened.

If anyone wants to check out the article it’s really interesting!


April Fools

So since Kristen and me were April Foolsed in class on Tuesday, I felt that it was only appropriate to post on a CNN article entitled “The Internet’s best April Fools gags”.


Samsung created a wearable glove that can function as a phone! How clever! No I’m totally kidding, but I wonder how many people fell for this!

Next up we have a”laser-guided tactical necktie”.



I wonder if anyone attempted to order these items!


Yet the Mr. Beard Beard Machine has to be my favorite, mostly because I really want to know which beardless men actually felt that this was possible to the point that they attempted to buy it.

Hahahah some great pranks!

Check out the rest at: http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/01/tech/web/web-april-fools/index.html


Russell Crowe as Noah


So last night I saw “Noah”, which is said to be the #1 movie in the world as of right now, which is completely understandable. Noah’s Ark is a very famous biblical story, and whether or not you believe it, it is an awesome story.

For those who don’t know the story, God has Noah create an ark to save two of every animal in the world at that time. Man has “ruined” the world, and therefore, must die. All of the animals, however, are not guilty of this sin and are therefore allowed to live.

Anyway, back to the movie. I was intrigued as soon as I saw the preview for “Noah”, not just because I enjoy the story, but also because I love Russell Crowe. I mean, who doesn’t?

The movie itself was kind of a letdown for me. Without giving anything away, I enjoyed the movie up until they get onto the ark. Even though the storyline was changed quite a bit for entertainment purposes, which I felt it should not have been because the actual storyline is better, the special effects are amazing.

The picture below is my favorite scene from the movie in which the animals are beginning to enter the ark two by two. It isn’t that easy to see, but you get the point. They put so much detail into how each animal looked and to basically capture as many of the animals that entered the ark as possible.



This next picture is from when the storm was beginning and Noah had to protect his ark and everyone and all the animals on it.


Even though this was not one of my favorite movies, if you like the story of Noah’s Ark, you should probably just see it, but maybe wait until it comes out at Redbox for $1.

What Went Wrong?

So I found an interesting article, not discussing the best technology created in the past year, but rather, the biggest “flops”.

For starters, we have the “Facebook Home”. They wanted to create a phone, but instead, created their own special app for the Android. This would put Facebook at “the center of the experience on an Android phone. It included new ‘chat head’ features and placed photos from one’s Newsfeed right on the lock screen” (Stern OL). Although, only months of it being released, it received many negative reviews by everyone using the app.


Next we have “Samsung Galaxy Gear”. Samsung was the first out of all of the major companies to release its own “smartphone on your wrist” gear. Some of the issues with this item were that the battery life was low, it was large, and confusing.


There was also the “Blackberry 10 & Z10”. But I guess that this is self-explanatory. Blackberry has been suffering for years now, and in September had a $1 billion loss.


Next failure was Twitter music. Even though this is a very successful site, the Twitter Music App was not. However, they did well enough without it.


If you want to check out the article, here it is:


Walking and Texting

You know how we always wonder, what app will come next? What will these companies create now? Well here it is.

“Apple is following app makers like Text n Walk in patenting tech that should give you a better view of the world around you.”

Everyone reading this knows that they have been texting and walking and probably tripped, bumped into a person, or a pole, etc. etc. Even though we are all on our phones way too much, this new patent could really become super popular and valuable to iPhone users.

Apparently, with this piece of tech, “the device’s user continuously can be aware of the environment beyond the device’s display” this “giving on-the-go texting addicts a better view of their surroundings as they mash away on their iPhones.” Of course it seems a little strange. Do we really need to text and walk? Probably not. We could probably put our phones away for the 5 minute walk to class. However, that probably wont happen, so until then, this is being created!

The transparency of this would also be able to be turned on and off, which could make it even better than it would’ve normally been by just staying on at all times.

My only question would be is how this would be created or how effective it would actually be. Just because we would be able to see more, we would still be looking down at our phones, and therefore, still not paying attention. Only time will tell, but I’ll be excited for if and when this comes out!