Are you in a relationship with the Internet?

18 Ways To Tell You’re In A Relationship With The Internet

This post is just a list of common habits that we all share when it comes to technology. I thought it would be fun for you guys to read and comment if you agree with any of them.

I did feel a little guilty when reading the post because I know I can relate to most of them however, not all. Although people make it seem the world is self-destructing with today’s technology, I do agree with supporters of it that say it does more good than harm. I use technology every day of my life in many positive ways that also make my life easier.

I use my phone to wake me up which is easier than an alarm clock.

I use my phone to check the weather in the morning so I can dress appropriately for the day.

I use my phone to check when the buses are coming instead of waiting out in the cold.

I use my phone to tell me what the menu is at the dining hall so I know whether I want to swipe or not.

I use my phone to email teachers about assignments, class meetings, etc.

Basically….my list could go on forever.

By Kiana Yasmine

PostSecret has been around for a while…not too many people know about it. I think I started following the blog back in middle school. My best friend had heard about it from someone else and we instantly became drawn to it and followed it every week.

Basically, PostSecret is a blog of secrets from anonymous people. They must mail in their secret on the back of a postcard and the person in charge of the blog posts a certain amount of postcards every week.

I don’t know why me and my best friend were so addicted to reading random people’s secrets…especially since some of the secrets were definitely from people way beyond our age at the time. People put a lot of thought into their postcards and really poured out their hearts on them. At times the secrets can be disturbing and not of interest to me but occasionally there will be one that I can relate to.

As the years went on, I guess I got tired of running to PostSecret every week and I just got too busy for it….although, I do remember at one point, since iPhones have been out, I downloaded the app but eventually deleted it because it was only updated once a week, as oppose to every day, every hour, or every minute like my other social networks.

I’m not sure how many people know about PostSecret, but I think it is very well known and there have even been events where the anonymous senders have met the guy in charge of the site. You can find books of secrets in Barnes & Nobles that have pictures of people’s postcards. I have found them and looked through but I have yet to buy one.

By Kiana Yasmine

Full-time Consumer, Part-time Producer

I would call myself more of a media consumer than a producer. At first I was going to say I am a bit of both but when I really think about it, I am definitely more likely to scroll through my timeline than produce my own song. There are days where I feel too ugly to post a picture or rather favorite a tweet than make one up myself. Yet, there are other days where I feel goofy enough to record a funny video and post it.

I never thought of it as being a consumer and producer but I guess that is the world we live in today. A person could sing and record a cover of their favorite song on garageband and when they post it on the internet, it will sound like studio quality. Although I would disagree with the couch potato photo and say it is inaccurate, I do not think the model is not far off either. People are no longer limited to just their couch to watch tv, they can do it while sitting on the bus or train going to work or class. We can post (consume/produce) at anytime from anywhere thanks to our 21st century smartphones. It is kind of hard to resist sometimes, on the bus especially if you are alone. It is our way of connecting with the world and knowing what every one else is talking about. Producing media is always a matter of choice but consuming? How can we not consume it?

It is at the tip of our fingers, every second of the day.

It is at the tip of our fingers, every second of the day.

By Kiana Yasmine