Walmart’s new “Walmart-2-Walmart” transfer service will allow people to send money to each other by using the retail chain’s store network. This service will be introduced on April 24th, 2014. However, you have to pay to use this service; People can send up to $50 for a fee of $4.50, and up to $900 for a fee of $9.50.But that should be expected, isn’t it? Nothing in life is free. The program is possible a potential competitor to Western Union. The Walmart’s program is limited though, where as the Western Union’s isn’t. It does not allow transfers outside the U.S, and cannot be used online. It also prohibits transfers larger than $900.


“The service leverages our footprint and large scale to enable a low-cost service,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president of services for Walmart U.S. on an April 17 conference call. “There is a large underbanked population in the U.S. that uses money transfer as a primary method.”

Walmart is extremely popular and has a lot of customers – I am unsure if the service is worth the money or if it will be successful, but let’s see where this takes us.


Deep Ocean Technology

Wouldn’t you like to spend a night in an underwater hotel? 

As beautiful as underwater hotels are, hasn’t humanity already caused enough destruction above sea level? If you want to swim with the fish, shouldn’t you put on scuba snorkeling gear and go swim like a fish, not sit in a bubble of technology?

Technology is being used in new ways – usually when one goes to a hotel, they want to be higher up so they could enjoy the view below – but in underwater hotels, down is the new up. The deeper you go, the more fish you will most likely sea (haha get it?). The technology has already been tested to keep the water out of the rooms – evidence is seen in submarines. But how would they handle trash? How would they handle hurricanes or typhoon possible damage? What will happen if there’s a leak?  If there’s a problem and you’re on the lowest floor, wouldn’t you have to swim up more to get air?




Super Smash Brothers

Technology keeps getting better and better, which allows game systems to keep getting faster, increase graphics and wifi, and add more data to the games themselves. As a gamer, I get excited when a new game comes out of my genre – but sometimes they come out with game repeats, like Super Smash brothers (which has been out for N64, gamecube, wii, and is now coming out for the wii u and Nintendo 3DS),  I genuinely do not know if they are worth buying anymore.


For the new super smash brothers brawl, new characters include, Little Mac (from Donkey Kong) Rosalina and Luna, a male villager from Animal Crossing, Mega Man, Greninja from Pokemon, and a Wii Fit Trainer. They have taken out some of the old characters as well. Since this series has been continuing for over 10 years, does this mean they will literally come out with a new game system every other year, and a new Super Smash Brothers will be made along with it?

When I was younger, I owned nearly every single game system that existed. But now, I am getting older, games and their systems are getting more and more advanced – As much as I love video games, they are getting more and more expensive to buy because new features are constantly being added, and I don’t own them all anymore. And it’s not a big deal – but what is a big deal is that I have to buy an entire new system just to play a new game.

I guess you could say this post is kind of a mini-rant session for me. I just wish they made ONE game system that can play EVERY game.


For 34 hours…

For 34 hours, passengers were stuck on an airplane in China! The flight was from New York City to Hong Kong, but it turned into a 34 hour ordeal when they added a 15 hour addition over Zhuhai. Severe weather, an intense hailstorm required a detour, keeping the 256 passengers on board 15 hours longer! This happened on March 31st.


When I heard about this I immediately felt sympathy for the passengers and the crew,” Julie Jarratt, a spokesperson for Cathay Pacific, told NBC. “This was certainly a rare circumstance and one we want to avoid if at all possible.”

Personally, my longest flight was around 14 hours to go to Hawaii. I can’t even imagine staying on a plane for 34 hours – I’m not sure if I would get antsy, go crazy, be calm, or panic. I would have no idea what I would do. 


Printing FOOD

A German Company is printing food for the elderly! 


Biozoon is currently working on a 3D-printed food extruder that creates food that literally melts in your mouth. This is a perfect idea and specifically designs for elderly patients with dysphagia, the inability to swallow, so they could eat without choking on their food. This could save lives – since 60% of the food dissolves in your mouth, it is easier to swallow, and less likely for food crumbs to fall into one’s lungs. The product (the food itself) doesn’t sound like it will taste too bad, either, because it can be molded and extruded in different ways. Colorants and texturizers can be added to make things look and taste almost like the real thing.

The overall product, called SeneoPro, will be available for use in 3D printers this year. It is genuine, tasteful food and a resourceful use of technology. What else could humanity be printing?


Facebook is trying to…

make its news feed less spam-filled! Horray! Facebook users will be happy, because the amount of spam seems to drive facebook users away.


Facebook is clamping down on spam for three reasons:

1) Reason one is because a kind of behavior called link baiting. Link baiting is when a post asks users to perform an action on it: for example, in order to share a post you first must ‘like’ something, or in order to participate in a group’s raffle, you must share the group with the rest of your facebook friends.
2) The second reason is because demoting spam will make more room for better content.
3) It is also clamping down on posts with deceptive language or formatting that aim to try and trick people into clicking on their spam-filled links. This de-emphasizes people who upload content just to get attention.

Facebook declared this only as of yesterday – as an active facebook user, I personally look forward to these changes. 


Wi-Fi speeds are about to ….

Wi-Fi speeds are actually about to triple! I assume everyone is going to be happy.

When both the network and its users are looking into technology, researchers claim that wifi will speed up by two to three times. Devices on  networks that aren’t equipped with the technology won’t see that much improvement to be noticeable, but should still gain some additional benefit. 

For the past couple of years, Wi-Fi networks could only serve one device at a time, cycling quickly among different users. This creates a much slower speed for everyone when more devices are connected to the network. In my opinion, Streaming of video chatting can be like sitting in the driver’s seat at rush hour, because the wifi is not always fast enough for it to work immediately. You’ll connect to the internet especially, but it might take some time, (especially with RU Wireless). 

However, a new approach called “MU-MIMO: Multi user, multiple input, multiple output” allows networks to transmit data to multiple groups of users simultaneously that adapt on the fly to changes in usage, resulting in the internet being alot faster. 

Perhaps this explains why my RU Wireless has actually been working the past few days, haha!

5 Unbelievable Inventions We Wish We Thought Of Ourselves

The title says it all.


1. Tostabag
Tostabag is a reuseable bag that makes grilled cheese in your toaster – no grill, no microwave, no mess.


2. Invisble Tree Hotel
Kids want treehouses. And they want superpowers, like to be invisible. The Invisible tree Hotel has both!Image

3. Washable Keyboard!
Everyone eats by their computers and always drops crumbs, liquid, way too many times too count. You just pray your computer keyboard doesn’t get ruined. If you have a washable keyboard, none of that will be a problem anymore.


4. Tricycle Lawnmower
Your dad no longer has to mow the lawn and now it’s all up to your little brother! You kill two birds with one stone


5. Water Removing Hairbrush
This invention is for people who have long hair that hate going outside with wet hair in the winter!! It brushes your hair and dries it at the same time!


Need Help With Grammar?

When you have trouble writing papers, do you ever wonder if your sentence structure is correct? Does it every sound a little wonky, and you want to change or re-word it, but you don’t know how? Here’s where Grammar Ginger comes in!

My boyfriend told me about this site yesterday, and he said it’s great because sometimes he has trouble writing. Its on,, or you can just type in ginger grammar into google and it’ll be the first thing that pops up. On the free trial you can only type in a couple of sentences and it rewords it, but if you buy the whole program you can just copy and paste your entire paper into it and ginger grammar will re word the whole thing. Here is an example of a translation that I’ve typed in:

In order for philosophers to convince society into believing the eye is the dominant and most paramount of all the senses, first it is essential to understand that this is the philosophers’ point of view; it is the way they perceive the world.

Here is the translation:

In order for philosophers to convince society into believing the eye is the prevailing and most overriding of all the senses, first it is all-important to realize that this is the philosophers’ opinion; it is the way they perceive the Earth.

This could be extremely useful for people who have trouble writing with sentence structure and getting rid of grammar mistakes. Definitely  something I would use to help me on future papers


Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter!

Here are five really cool smart-phone add ons that will make you “smartphone” even smarter!

1. Hone
Hone is a bluetooth device for iphone that helps you find your car keys. It’s a simple, yet genius idea, and good for people who have a tendency to actually lose their keys. Clip the device to your key and press the FIND button on your phone. The device will light up and let off noise that will lead you to the keys. Its $50, but well worth it if you have a tendency to lose your keys.

2. Crash Sensor
Mount the device on your helmet, (whether you are biking, on a motorcycle, etc) and if a crash or emergency incident happens, the device will notify all of your contacts to send quicker rescue attempts! It also has a built in GPS.

3. Deeper
Deeper is a device that would help benefit fisherman most, but could be user by anyone. It’s 150 dollars and help detects any kind of fish within a 50 mile radius!

4. Sensordrone
Sensordrone can be used for a mix of everything – it’s a computer that senses gas leaks, air quality, humidity, temperature, and practically anything that can be sensed that’s around you! It’s 175 dollars but can help people who have jobs related to these kinds of topics.

5. Tōd
Tōd can track the location of a child, a pet, or a car. It also notifies you if you receive and unscheduled departure, or if a pet or a child may wander too far away from you. Currently is it $32 dollars.

How much smarter can smartphones get? Is it only a matter of time before smartphones can do anything, and all of these apps will be INCLUDED in the phone?