The Unfortunate Superman who never was

Bryan Singer directed X-Men 1, X-Men 2, Superman Returns, and the upcoming X-Men film. I like the first and second X-men movies, and the newest one seems promising. So I was left with the question of “how did a well established person that has made good comic book movies, make the worst Superman film ever?” where there is hardly any action and instead of the film ending with a showdown with super villain, Superman picks up a giant rock and flies it into space. Then it hit me, Bryan Singer is gay. The actor that played cyclops likely wanted a larger role in a new film, and was displeased with the negative portrayal of Cyclops in the first two X-Men films. The reason superman returns sucked is because Bryan Singer was in a romantic relationship with the actor who played cyclops, and Cyclops wanted a better role so Singer overly focused his Superman film on Lois Lane and her husband, cyclops. Singer even gave the real climax to Cyclops who in the end saves Superman after he’s done fighting his rock. In a heroic hydroplane rescue cyclops swoops down and saves sups.
Now this was just some theory I had, and I didn’t really ever expect proof. However, there are reports that in an upcoming documentary about sexual abuse in Hollywood, Brian Singer’s name has been mentioned. When I looked at the article it said Bryan Singer had had several lawsuits filed against him by men for sexual abuse, and one man claims to of been forcibly raped by Singer in 1990. Anyway, the point of this post is not to hate on Bryan Singer. Just because Superman returns sucked doesn’t mean his next film will. So X-Men: days of future past might actually have hope. .



Blogging problems

My problem with blogging is I care way too much about everything that I do. I am like an extreme perfectionists, either I do it right or I don’t do it. It’s a serious strength and weakness. It’s the problem with our generation, for the most part gathering information is not what is hard for kids in college and in school. What is difficult is the mundane routine, the digging up of old information and not thinking about things yourself enough. Rutgers is a research university and therefore it makes sense that in most courses we do a lot of research. And college is great for catching you up on all the information that everyone else already has so when you actually get to the starting line of the race, or in a business, or working in a real-life job you will be caught up to that level of knowledge of everyone else. But college takes a long time, and we should be practicing and preparing for what we will be doing in real life by doing it, not just looking at it. Students feel like they’re accumulating tons of knowledge that they’re not using, that’s why they always ask “when will I ever even use this?” And for some reason teachers always blow over the question and say “kids these days, too lazy to want to learn anything.” But the truth is kids can learn fast, if you want to teach us something, teach us it. Not that some things don’t need explaining, and there is a valuable place for research. But Rutgers is polarized towards one side of the spectrum, only research. Sure I can tell you about the intricacies of the US political system, the healthcare systems of foreign countries, and our interaction with foreign economies. It is a great basis to jump off from, and I know a lot of valuable material but I should be practicing using this information in some form. In all of my classes it’s only reading, not creating. Even in the English courses I’ve taken, the course curriculum consists of reading books with similar themes and then writing an analysis of all of them. Rutgers is full of kids interested in writing, but it doesn’t nurture the novelists that it has. Most kids are restless and go out and drink and party on the weekends to let their extra energy out. They sit all day and and accumulate, and accumulate then they pop on the weekends. The young men and women of my generation feel like they are not utilizing their full potential when they’re given tons of busywork. Instead of dedicating their energy to create one thing that’s perfect, their attention is split. So when universities put a plug in their student’s creative spirits, the kids get turned off from institutions or just half-ass everything. Colleges are supposed to be places about collective engagement and a forum for the exchange of creative ideas, but instead of nurturing the unique skill of its students, they teach kids how to do lots of things badly, but so they look good.
Anyway, these blogs were hard for me to post because it’s hard for me to not care about something I was saying. For me it’s almost like compromising who I am to mindlessly talk about the latest movies, websites, apps, and gadgets just because it is technically “creating”. Just because you are creating something doesn’t make it creative. The chapter I presented on “retropolis” talked about how the author hates pop music, remakes, and anything that isn’t 100% original. Most blog posts for this course have the problem discussed in the chapter. They’re simply moving something from one space to another, with no creative effort. But there is a valuable middle ground, kids need to be guided to areas where they can express themselves, provide areas of light hearted creativity, so students can learn how to adapt, which is really what they’ll need in the real world.


Growing up my dad always said that he prays for wisdom every day. I think he was inspired to do this by Solomon in the Bible, the son of King David (same one that killed Goliath,) and who, when asked by God for what he wanted, Solomon responded “wisdom”. Because Solman asked for the greatest gift or something like that, God actually gave it to him and my fathers always been inspired by this. In one of my political science classes we had to read some Socrates who had an interesting perspective on wisdom.
Supposedly what happened was that someone asks an Oracle who the wisest person in the world was and the Oracle responded “Socrates”. Socrates himself was unbelieving and so in order to test the Oracle’s claim he went out in an attempt to find people more wise than him and disprove the oracle’s claims. So first he went to a wise teacher who Socrates believed was more wise than he. But the notable teacher was stubborn and believed he knew everything. Socrates went to other people he believed were wiser than himself; painters and artists, and scientists, and mathematicians. But each man Socrates visited had a large ego about their work, they felt like they were at the top of their field and therefore assumed knowledge of things they did not know (for instance a mathematician might believe he has a high level of knowledge, but compared to a modern kid in calculus, the mathematician doesn’t know much, the mathematician was looking at the people around him and having that is definition of wisdom, a level he had reached.) Each man Socrates visited wasn’t looking for more knowledge because they felt accomplished and that is why they were less wise than Socrates. Socrates recognized his own ignorance and that’s what made him wise, his constant questioning, his intrigue, and his desire to want to learn more made it so Socrates was always accumulating more knowledge and never stopping. Which is what real wisdom is, not trying to be the smartest guy in the room, just be the most interested and that will being bring you the most wisdom.
My father literally is a professor who thinks he knows everything. He is an accomplished man who is grown up and experienced a lot. Through that journey he feels he’s learned a lot and knows who he is. But that is the source of his ignorance, things aren’t absolute. It is his desire for wisdom that is stopping him because he believes wisdom is what get at the end of the journey and not the way you take the journey itself.

Things work though

So no one took my shift, the $20 offer wasn’t tantalizing enough to anybody to actually accept. I drove to work angry and frustrated feeling the stress inside of me turn and twist until the hot bubbling corruption began to boil and eventually burst out of me. I was talking to my brother who works with me on our way to work and kept defending and trying to curb my anger. Eventually I told him though, I don’t need your advice, all I want you to do is shut the fuck up and let me vent. And he did and after that it seemed like he understood I wasn’t upset with him, just frustrated and stressed.
So I walk into work steaming angry. I find what tables will be mine for the evening when I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear my friend say “wrong shoes man”. I look down and see my dirty vans still on my feet. I mean my shoes were in my car and I just had to run out and get them. So before you let the fear sink into you too deeply know it was an easily solve problem.
I come back in and Megan is talking to a manager because the server who was going to take her section was supposed to come in at 4:00 (the current time) and Megan needed to go. But the server who was supposed to relieve Megan gave her shift to a Shari who was already at work and was picking up the dinner as a double. Although the server who was going to relieve Shari’s tables hadn’t come in yet so Megan was stuck and pissed because of the changing circumstances. Somehow this balanced out with moving servers around to different section so that they had an extra server on (I don’t really get what happened either honestly,) and they asked me if I wanted to go home. Perfect. “How did that happen?” is not important question. I don’t need to question the good.

Intense moments

In the film Her intense moments of detail were often used to put the audience into the main character’s melancholy state. For instance at one point he is laying on his bed and an extreme close up his bedding is used. It’s what the character would actually be seeing if he was laying there and it’s something I really appreciate. Here’s a picture I took of my pillow that can demonstrate what I mean as I cannot find the one from the movie


Some of the best art is the stuff that can make you feel what the artist is feeling. I encountered the same thing in the book Mrs. Dalloway

How fresh, how calm, stiller than this of course, the air was in the early morning; like the flap of a wave; the kiss of a wave; chill and sharp and yet (for a girl of eighteen as she then was) solemn, feeling as she did, standing there at the open window, that something awful was about to happen; looking at the flowers, at the trees with the smoke winding off them and the rooks rising, falling; standing and looking

The passage engages your senses with the breeze against her skin, smoke in the distance which engages sight and smell. It is a constant stream and put the novel, for a moment, into real time.

So inconvenient

I work at the Olive Garden in Woodbridge as a server. With so many servers if anyone ever wants to get a shift there is a Facebook group we have where you can almost always get a shift covered. Unless you actually need it covered in which case no one can ever take it. Yesterday I desperately needed to not waste all my time at work because I needed to do homework. Someone wanted the shift and texted me halfway through my shift saying she would have taken the shift but didn’t see the post on FB or my text till too late. Now today I’m trying again, even offer $20 to who ever would take it. But as time ticks closer to the shift, and I as run out if time, I know that no one will take it. Because like always, the world gives you what it wants to give you, we don’t decide. And it is very inconvenient

So sleepy

Exhausted, delirious, deadline, anxiety. Come on focus.
The mind of the spent college student as they are struggling to push out work before the deadline is filled with one question. Keep working or go to sleep?
The responsible mind says work, you must finish, this is your life we’re talking about. But sometimes the decision is taken out of your hands and you wake up with your face on the keyboard, no work done, and a shift at work that you need to rush to get to. I am sometimes a destructive perfectionist. I want everything to have a certain level of quality and if I can’t reach it I have a problem compromising. Which is why I am a terrible planner in situations like blogging. I can’t ever get my blogs right and have deleted more half way finished blog posts than I have posted. But once the deadline is looming, I can lower the quality. What becomes the priority is efficiency in finishing the work and not the quality.
I continue posting after the deadline because I fell asleep at my laptop writing a paper I procrastinated on and had to finish it after work yesterday. Pushing back my planned time for blogging. But whatever I guess. Sometimes when your body needs sleep, it takes control and pushes your conscious mind out of the driver seat.

A bit of my past

This is a 100% true story so when I was young something crazy happened when my family moved from the East Coast to the west. The economy had gone bad in the east and we decided that there would be better opportunities for my parents if we moved west. Walk when we first got to about to Greenvalley everything seemed great, we were able to find a very nice place to live, my parents I jobs and heck, even my sister got a job working at a local restaurant. But things weren’t all hunky-dory. No sooner than a fortnight after we’d been there we discovered that things weren’t as they seem. There was a Mafia type organization in the town that was trying to exploitall of the new resident including my parents. I did all I could warn people but no one believe me because I would still too young. Fortunately I ran into an old retired local law-enforcement. I told him about the problem and thankfully he believed me. We couldn’t go to local government because they were in the back pocket of this syndicate. We had to take things into our own hands vigilante style. So the retiresd lawman and i spend the next three days out in the desert together as he trained me and my half-cat half-human bestfriend to be sheriffs. At the end of that weekend we went back into town to face all of those two-timing mice and their spider friend and we…,, and hold on. you know what I might not be remembering this right..
Wait I remember now, None of that happened to me. I think this is the plot if fievel goes west. Definitely, fievel goes west. My bad.

In n out…? Where are you

Pardon the bad pun but I have a beef about beef. Not just beef though, I’m talking about burgers and fries. But beef is a central part of the story. I grew up on the west coast and on the west coast the best place you get a burger and fries is in and out. And by west coast I mean planet Earth. In and out is the best place to get a burger and fries on planet earth. So imagine my dismay when my family moved to New Jersey and there’s no In n out .Sure there is five guys, but five guys pales in comparison to the majesty that is in and out. Double double with animal style fries and a half sprite half lemonade? Are you kidding me? that is the breakfast of champions and preferred meal of sophisticated cool guys everywhere.. If we eat in heaven I’m sure it will be something like that. Unfortunately New Jersey, and five guys, just aren’t heaven.
Also there are no del taco’s. Get it together New Jersey.

Cap 3 (spoilers for cap 2)

After watching the newest Captain America movie, I believe I can accurately predict what is going to happen in his storyline. Because the actor Chris Evans wants to stop acting, and instead start directing, there needs to be a way to keep the character alive. Well, kind of alive. There is a character in the movie whose comic book name is Crossbones. This particular character has only been famous for doing one thing ever. And that is killing Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America. Once he is dead, he gets replaced by the Winter Soldier. His best friend from childhood will not let anyone else take his friends mantle but himself. By introducing this character into their movie cannon, Marvel now has the ability to replace Captain America with Bucky Cap (Bucky Barnes as Captain America). The writer of the Avengers movies is also quite famous for killing off important characters. So that is another factor counting against the Ol’ Star Spangled Hero.