Wu-Tang Clan to Release Single Copy of their Next Album


Rap group Wu-Tang Clan has been working on a new album of late (very later as a matter of fact, it was first proposed in 1997) called Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, however this album will be unique in that only 1 copy of it will ever be released. No digital downloads, no youtube release, one vinyl, thats it. The idea is that it will become an instant collector’s piece and will be a unique entity all its own (and it seems to be working, as fans have come together to attempt to pool 5 million dollars with which to purchase the album). This is an interesting decision, especially in the world of digital media sharing as it exists today, where a single person leaking an album means that the entire world can hear it almost instantly.

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A Techno-Religious Commentary

Jesus Selfie

Certainly considered amusing by some and sacrilegious by others, the above photograph of Jesus taking a selfie while on the cross is an unintentional but interesting juxtaposition of ancient values with modern ones. How should we mesh the values of times past with the values of the present? Does being religious somehow require some kind of aversion to social media technologies? How would Jesus have felt were he born in 2014? I believe the answers to these questions are entirely dependent on the individual and must be evaluated personally, this picture just served as an eye-catching, seasonally appropriate juxtaposition of these two sets of ideals.

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1999-2000 Rutgers Map

http://i.imgur.com/egWz72A.jpg [MAP]

http://i.imgur.com/uoKHUwn.jpg [KEY]

This map has been found and posted online such that it can be preserved electronically. It shows the Rutgers Campuses during the 1999-2000 School year. I think it is very interesting to see how things changed, but more meaningful to me is the fact that this will now be forever preserved. Pamphlets can be lost, but these images will forever remember the Rutgers University which 35,000 students passed though as we began the new millennium. I think the fact that we can immortalize such things with technology as simple as a scanner really puts into perspective the roll that technology plays in our lives and in altering the paradigm in which we view memories and the past in general.

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Rutgers gets a 3D Printer


Rutgers University has recently unveiled a 3D printer that is available for students to use. It charges by the ounce of material needed to produce the figure, but is available for any Rutgers University student to use to produce 3D plastic models. It is nice to see this new technology being made available for students and will be interesting to see what kinds of things get produced.

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Netflix Beginning to Eclipse Cable


As one might have expected, the rise of subscriptions to online services such as Netflix and Hulu has begun to have a noticeable effect on how many people are paying for cable service. Studies show that, both in houses with young adults and in houses with Neftlix or Hulu subscriptions, the rate of “cable cutting” so to speak is markedly higher, and furthermore that this trend as increased substantially since 2010, in all groups studied. In my opinion, this is a harbinger of a future not governed by television broadcast at specific schedules, but open accessible content on the internet (for the description of much if not all visual media).

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Take Back the Night


Rutgers University is hosting Take Back the Night, a rally to speak out against attack and abuse of women, specifically involving sexual violence. The event will take place next Wednesday and involves a march down George Street followed by an open mic event. More details can be found on the Facebook event page above. If you are interested in registering, please select the link below:


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Nobel Prize Winning Author Dies at 87


Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel Prize winning author of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Love in the Time of Cholera, and One Hundred Years of Solitude passed away on Thursday at age 87. He was a Colombian native who popularized the magical realism genre. His contributions to the world of literature as a whole, but also to Spanish literature are almost unmatched. He will be sorely missed by all.

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How I Met Your Mother Alternate Finale



It was released recently that the writers of hit show How I Met Your Mother planned to release an alternate ending to the series with the Season 9 box set. This ending would be a recut of the filmed footage, and (they claim) they were torn between the two endings when finalizing work on the finale. I am personally somewhat bothered by this. Regardless of my opinions of the aired finale, I do not think that an artist should sacrifice their story for the sake of appeasing others. This feels very much like a reactionary measure after the tremendous backlash from the fandom upon seeing the finale (ranked as the second most disappointing TV finale, only failing to surpass Dexter in the amount of fandom disappointment), and it feels very much like the writers are sacrificing their artistic statement to save face. This is especially bothersome because the show has always been very much a well-thought out single work and, by virtue of the nature of the show, its ending is incredibly important in defining the nature of that work.

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Emergency Contraception


Emergency Contraception, brand name Plan-B, has recently become available for purchase on the internet (from amazon.com among other sites) as opposed to being exclusively available via purchase at a pharmacy. This is a large step in the direction of easily accessible, more affordable contraception, an important step given the number of young adults who are sexually active. This sets a precedent, both for the electronic marketplace as a possible location for sex-positive developments, but also in moving towards eliminating the taboo surrounding many topics surrounding sexual activity and healthy practices.

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