OutKast comeback: Andre 3000 and Big Boi rock Coachella

Outkast is back after watching their performance.


3D Printing

3d eyes


The 21st Century has seen a vast improvement in the realm of 3D printing. 3D printing has come along way to being seldomly used to now being used in operations replacing full body parts, becoming tailored fitted. A hospital in Holland has used the technology to replace a human skull perfectly with a plastic one cut out from 3D printing. The article from CNN runs through a list of body parts that have been used and replaced in surgery with parts cut out from this printing style. http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/17/tech/innovation/artificial-eyes-3d-printing-body/index.html

MJ’s Estate

The greatest basketball player of all time is auctioning off his 56,000 Chicago estate to the highest bidder. The original auction was to take place November 22. However since more potential buyers wanted more time to look at the property, the auction has been postponed. So with the house still on the market, who wants to buy it?

Uselessness of Standardized Test



Standardized test are a waste of time. Many students have thought this as they have continued through the latter of the educational system. Even the “most important” one that we take in High School, the SATs are useless in dictating our future. John Katzman the founder of educational programs such as 2U, Noodle Education, and most notably The Princeton Review has expressed his opinion about standardized test and their uselessness in the article linked above. Expressing that these test are just a scam used by the college board to rake in the dough.

Blue Mountain State: The Movie

Good news to all the fans of Blue Mountain State. The Mountain goats are finally making a comeback, this time onto the silver screen. A movie is in the works. Giving one of the most epic shows that ran for three season on Spike TV a fourth and final year of college. The creators of the the show Eric Falconer and Romanski are on their own for funding and producing the movie since the studio was too busy to make other films and didn’t share the same interest as them to make it. Let this kickstarter get all the fans amped up and hope they make the biggest and craziest flick ever. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/773106364/blue-mountain-state-the-movie?ref=sidebar



Boston Marathon


boston marathon

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. When at 2:49 in the afternoon two pressure cooker bombs went off right by the finish line. Killing three people and injuring about 264 others. The explosion changed hundreds of lives and transformed the city forever, uniting it making it Boston Strong. Today Boston will have a ceremony for last years bombing, one week before the start of the 109th marathon takes place. With today’s ceremony, nine witness take a look back of where they were at the marathon one year ago.


Baseball Replay

Talks about expanding instant replay to the realm of Major League Baseball has been in the works for the past several years. Finally this past offseason, the green light to run replay during games was applied and this is the first time that baseball has tried this. People have argued that replay will slow down the game even more than its slow pace already and also that it challenges the integrity of the game that has been around for 100 plus years. That was my problem with adapting instant replay into our nation’s past time. The game has been played for over a hundred years and yes their have been the occasional bad call but the human error is part of the game. With the 2014 season under way, we already have had instant replay been used several times, some calls being corrected like the league wants and some that have been blown still. With these calls still happening all I see replay doing in baseball is slowing the game down, it doesn’t really enhance the sport so why keep it.


shopping online

I’m not sure who said it or mentioned it that made me think about it, but buying things online is a brilliant idea. Purchasing items online is totally convenient and something I’ve never really done before until this year. I always liked going in person, just to get out of the house and so I can view the product I’m purchasing and not get ripped off. Clearly I have been missing out on a great concept. As soon as you think of something you need just hop online find it and purchase it, it is as simple as that. Especially during the school year when you don’t have time to go out and get a gift for a birthday or a holiday, buying things online can save your ass. I know for Christmas and valentines day I was scrambling for idea and did’t have much time to go out and look so I turned to the likes of ebay and amazon for ideas and to buy gifts. To whoever came up with this idea for the likes of amazon and ebay I salute you for your brilliant idea.

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