Generating Posts in WordPress

Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to generate original posts in WordPress.  I’ve paired images with text in order to completely map out what that process looks like:


1) – After logging into your WordPress account and clicking on the course blog title under My Blogs, you will want to get to your Dashboard.  The Dashboard is the location where you can get to every aspect of the blog.  You can access the Dashboard by placing your cursor over the title of the blog – do not click on the name of the blog, just place your cursor over the title.  You will see a drop down menu, the first of which is the Dashboard

2) – After selecting Dashboard, you will want to scan down the list of items that are displayed on the left hand side of the screen.  To generate a new post, you will want to click on Posts, and then click on Add New

3) – Once you have clicked to create a new post, you will be able to generate your post.  The interface is very similar to the interface of Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages.  First, you will want to generate a title for your post.  You can always do this after you have generated the content of your post, but it is important that you add a title (if you do not, the post will be labeled with the default, “untitled,” which is to be avoided.

4) – Next, you will add the content of your post.  You will add text in the text window (as you would in a word processing program).  One difference is adding media into your posts.  Once you have spaced down to a new line, you will need to click Add Media

Next, you will need to select an image that will be uploaded to the blog site’s Media Library.  Once you have added the image to the Media Library you can add a caption, choose the position of the image, and the size of the image

Next, you will need to click on Insert Into Post, and then the image will be added into your post.


5) – When you have finished your post, click Preview in the upper right hand corner of the screen – this will allow you to see the post as a reader will see it when they are looking at the blog.

When you are satisfied with your post, click Publish.  If you are not finished on your post, but you want to save what you have done so that you can go back to it later, click the Save Draft button.  This will save the draft, which you can find by clicking on All Posts (it will display the post with the tag Draft next to it).

Now you are ready to begin generating original posts in WordPress.  You can begin actively participating on the course blog.


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