Sandy Hook


One of the most shocking events that happened in the past few years was the Sandy Hook shooting that killed 26 kids. Although there are a lot of controversies about this topic, Sandy Hook as a whole was an extremely devastating time. One of the Grandfather’s of a little boy who died in the event has come up with a campaign to raise money for a good cause. Ben Wheeler’s grandfather, Carmen Lobis, has come up with a campaign to raise money for a a biometric locking station for firearms. What this will do is it will lock any firearms you had in a carrier that can only be opened by the owner’s fingerprint. I think that this is an awesome idea and especially will all the controversies on gun rights, it might help!


It’s That Time Again

I am sure I am not the only person to notice that the Samsung Galaxy s5 has been released. Yes, another piece of technology. It is a game to see who can be at the top between these companies, Apple, Samsung, Google, Android, etc. Every year, they release a new phone with the “most updated technology” and then all of their competitors rush to release their product that just slightly one-ups the last. The competition is as fierce as ever, now the S5 has been released with a similar fingerprint scanner and similar interface compared to the iPhone 5s. Technology is growing every day, and these cell phone companies especially will stop at nothing to become the top-company. This is because cell phones are the one piece of technology that becomes obsolete quicker than anything else. Yes, laptops and televisions go out of date as well, but we do not have the option to upgrade these every 1-2 years like a cell phone. With that kind of opportunity, these companies need to be on their feet thinking of what they can do next, to make the consumer want to purchase their phone over all of the other competitor products. Samsung and Apple have become increasingly close over the last few years, and personally I attribute Apple’s falling popularity to the death of Steve Jobs, and the lack of significant improvements along with the major firmware/technical glitches that they have experienced. Only time will tell, but this race for number one keeps getting closer, and Samsung just took a huge step upward.


Take the Road of the Unexpected

It’s simple. You never know where life will take you. This is something I didn’t believe in, for a long time. I was always the type of person to have a plan. Know what I am going to do, when I am going to do it, I figured that would make life easier. Well life does not stop for your plan. Just this morning, I was heading back to Rutgers and I busted two stitched in my finger, landed me in the hospital for 3 hours, when i had just had my finger stitched up this morning to begin with. It doesn’t matter if it is something stupid like that, or a plan like what you want your profession to be, and how long you want it to take to get there. None of that matters when you cant control your future. 

Thats the concept, that no matter how hard we try, we have no control over our own fate, our own future, or even our lives. It is something that it took me a long time to truly grasp and accept. When you are young you are taught that we make our own fate, but that simply is not the case. One person can only do so much, and the rest is left up to chance. And when things do not go our way as they so often do not, we can wallow in self-pity every time that something does not go our way, or we can embrace each day, live each moment to the fullest, and take the road of the unexpected.



Netflix has become extremely popular in the past few years. I personally love Netflix and I turn to it for entertainment and when I procrastinating. It has a lot of good movies and television shows which are available for only $7.99 a month! I think its an awesome deal especially if you love watching movies and television shows that you haven’t seen in a while. Well, although we all love this price so much, an article came out saying that they want to raise the prices. Netflix basically states that if they want to expand more, they have to raise their prices “just a bit.” But how much will that be? I guess we will have to wait for the company to release the new price. I wonder if Netflix will lose some of their customers due to the change, or if it will only affect new customers.




This past week I went on a trip to Europe with my sister who is a teacher and her students. They are high school students, so only a few years younger than me between the ages of 16-18. Since we were out of the country, many of them didn’t have service unless their parents bought them the international plan from their carriers. Every time we go to the hotel, they would whip out their phones to connect to wi-fi, not so that they can call their parents, but so that they can go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or use iMessage. I was shocked that we were France and Italy and all these kids were worrying about was getting onto wi-fi. Even during the day when we separated for lunch, they would come back talking about how their restaurant had wi-fi and they were so excited. I was really actually able to see how phones have corrupted our generation.

Facebook friends with your boss.


In this era social media is something that a lot of people use, including potentially, your boss. These are issues that prior generations, and people who use common sense probably never had to deal with.

According to this article, here are a few things that you should avoid doing if you are Facebook friends with your boss.


Creeping on your fellow coworkers

Or this


Or say rude things about your boss via your status


50 years ago today, the public got its first taste of video calls


I always thought that video chatting was a relatively new thing but I guess I was wrong. “It seemed like the inevitable future at the time, we’re sure. On April 20th in 1964, Bell Telephone showed off the Mod 1 Picturephone — a precursor to the Skype and Hangouts video calls that have become a standard but under-utilized feature of modern communications. The demonstration was part of the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, visitors were able to step into a booth and have a conversation with a person thousands of miles away in Disneyland. But instead of just talking into a handset, users sat in front of an oblong device that housed both a video screen and a camera. The service delivered a 30 frame-per-second black-and-white feed to wowed Fair-goers. A few months later, in June of the same year, AT&T took the service commercial.” Apparently it was 16 dollars for 3 minutes of video chatting. I can’t imagine paying this type of money today. This invention never really caught on because of the price and the difficulty that people experienced with it. Skype was one of the first major companies to make things like video calling easy and practical. 





Walmart’s new “Walmart-2-Walmart” transfer service will allow people to send money to each other by using the retail chain’s store network. This service will be introduced on April 24th, 2014. However, you have to pay to use this service; People can send up to $50 for a fee of $4.50, and up to $900 for a fee of $9.50.But that should be expected, isn’t it? Nothing in life is free. The program is possible a potential competitor to Western Union. The Walmart’s program is limited though, where as the Western Union’s isn’t. It does not allow transfers outside the U.S, and cannot be used online. It also prohibits transfers larger than $900.


“The service leverages our footprint and large scale to enable a low-cost service,” said Daniel Eckert, senior vice president of services for Walmart U.S. on an April 17 conference call. “There is a large underbanked population in the U.S. that uses money transfer as a primary method.”

Walmart is extremely popular and has a lot of customers – I am unsure if the service is worth the money or if it will be successful, but let’s see where this takes us.

Exclusive games and smartphones

Apparently smartphones are now beginning a similar battle which playstation and nintendo and other game systems used to share. They are creating exclusive games and apps in order to attract buyers. Both Apple and Google are trying to get developers to signs contracts and get them on their side


The Cut The Rope series followed a similar pattern, while Gameloft, the company behind titles like Asphalt, had apparently discussed the exclusivity angle with Apple, but eventually decided to launch on both Android and iOS at the same time”. Neither Apple or Google has successfully really locked down and contracts with these companies and I hope that they don’t. There are already a few apps and car accessories that are only compatible with either android or apple.