Do you want to build a Snowman?

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As the Oscars are approaching this Sunday with some great movies up for nomination, one movie sticks out because no one expected it to have the success it is having at the box office. The phenomenal known as Frozen is doing work by breaking records at the box office. Congrats to Frozen for entering top 20 domestic and Worldwide. Right now it sits on 19th position. Frozen passed such giants as Finding Nemo, HP: Deathly Hallows 2 and Revenge of the Sith. Frozen also became 4th biggest animation ever, only behind Toy Story 3, Lion King and Shrek 2. As for Worldwide, it passed Despicable Me 2, HP: Sorcerer’s Stone, Pirates 3 and Deathly Hallows 1. Right now Frozen is within 6M of passing DM2 overseas for 4th biggest OS movie of all time.



The big question some of you are thinking right now is, “HOW DID THEY MAKE FROZEN??”
Well here ya go.

Okay that was cool, but how did they really make Frozen? According to this article,, Disney Animations had to create new technology in order to make the movie. One software program they created is called Spaces where the artists are allowed to deconstruct characters and rebuild them. They also used another software program called Flourish to make the characters to look and move true as possible. For the main character’s hair, Elsa, they created a program called Tonic just to create the 400,000 CGI threads in her hair. Watch the video below to see how they used Tonic to create Elsa’s hair.

EDIT: FROZEN JUST HIT ONE BILLON! It’s now in the 18th spot for a movie to go over a billion and 5th place for a movie that’s not a sequel or prequel.




10 comments on “Do you want to build a Snowman?

  1. I thought Frozen was such a good movie!! I have not heard anyone say anything negative about it, even adults love it. Such a great concept and Disney finally stepping out of the typical prince saves damsel in distress routine. The making of the movie is sick, especially the hair…that’s probably such a fun job!

    • Disney looks like the coolest company to work at. The way Disney Animation Studios looks on the inside is amazing!

  2. Prime example of a “first order expression” (not that I actually believe in that theory) but seriously, anytime something comes out that is truly original and one of a kind, I am happy to see it succeed.

    • I don’t think nobody expected it to have the success it is having now. Judging by the original trailer, it only showed the snowman and reindeer. Therefore, I thought it looked like a okay movie. After hearing all the hype from it from people, I checked it out and was pleased with it.

  3. Given how much work went into making a <10 minute iMovie video essay project for our class and how intricate making something like Frozen is, I have a profound new respect for animators. Have yet to see the movie, but this post really makes me want to now.

    • It looks like the process to create Frozen was a long and rigorous one but it looks fun creating characters coming to life. Glad you want to see the movie now!

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